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Survey Reveals The Age When Women Have The Best Sex Of Their Lives!

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  •  May 29, 2017


Sex and art are the same things- Pablo Picasso

So can we ever age bound the two? Most people in their twenties feel that it is the right age to have the best sex of your life, an age when you do not have many liabilities and tensions.

But if you have crossed that age and do not agree to this, worry not! According to a survey conducted on more than 2,600 women, commissioned by natural contraception app Natural Cycles, it is suggested that women actually have the best sex of their lives at age 36 and above.

Women were questioned about their orgasmic experiences, their enjoyment quotient and their answers were divided into three categories- under 23s, those aged 23-35 and those ages 36 and over.

As a result, it was found that women over 36 reported having the best sex – 86% said they’d had enjoyable sex in the last four weeks, compared with 76% of the middle group and 56% of the youngest group.

Not just this, another survey was done on women between the age group 30 to 80 declared that the pleasure derived from sex gets even better when women hit middle age.

Women in the older group were confident and happier with themselves, and most confident in their own skin, with 80% saying they felt sexy. On the flip side, only 40% of the middle group felt attractive, and 70% of the under 23s said the same.

The study also revealed that orgasms were better and faster for those over 36. When asked how often they had sex, under a third said twice a week, over a fifth said three times a week and under a fifth said they had sex once a week.

According to another survey, an average British couple’s sex session lasts just for 19 minutes. SO when women in this survey were asked how long they thought sex should last, one-third wanted it to last longer, while a tenth felt it should be over quicker.

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