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Superdaughter Manu Bilwal Making Papa Deepak’s Work Easy

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  •  August 8, 2015

This story is a part of JWB’s campaign, ‘Papa Singh and Daughters,’ which hunts down the new age dads who have faith that daughters can take their age old successful businesses to new heights.

Finding such duos has been a tough job, since many people still believe that their girls aren’t meant to handle business *sigh!*. But the hard working saint that I am, my perseverance led me to this really adorable team of two – a very humble realtor, papa Deepak Sharma, working with his adorable daughter, Manu.

(Okay, I’m not that obsessed with myself. Don’t judge me.)

And when she isn’t playing the role of a daughter and a realtor, she is a wife, a mom, a designer and also assists her husband in his business. Incredible, isn’t she?!_MG_1801a

Inspired by her Papa, who joined his grandfather’s business when he was 14; Manu made it her own dream to be the third generation who would take the legacy forward as soon as she could.

Real Estate is not considered to be an appropriate profession for women. People have formed this notion that land can only be sold by men. I was told by many that people would take a man’s word, but won’t be convinced easily if I say the same thing. From my perception, gender has nothing to do with the profession you choose. I have been into this business for about 6-7 years now. In my career, I haven’t faced a single problem of that kind.  

If you determinedly decide to do something and put your heart to it, then you’re sure to blossom._MG_1834a

You were just 18 when you started with this work. How did your training go under your daddy dearest?

(Nostalgically) It seemed very challenging when I was a fresher. You need to be truly good with Hindi and Accountancy if you work in real-estate. I’ve always hated Accountancy and wasn’t really good with Hindi either! Papa used to mentor me. He even translated the paperwork for me in English. He is the best teacher ever. I owe it all to him. _MG_1790a

In this field, one has to deal with all kinds of people. One needs to be very observant of what the person is like. It is extremely important to know whether the client can be trusted or not. I was too young to understand all that back then, thankfully the family was there to guide me.

How do you think your bond with him has evolved over these years?

Our relationship has always been wonderful. Since we spend most of the day together, we never run out of things to talk about,and have learnt to keep one another’s secrets. Sometimes, we just keep giggling in front of my mother and husband, and they think we’ve gone crazy. He is my best friend._MG_1862a

I want to know how this daughter has helped the father add to his bank-balance?

(Chuckling) I’ve sold many lands & cracked numerous deals. I think I’m a wonderful employee. Right papa? 

Mr. Deepak added:

You certainly are! Sometimes my jaw drops seeing her confidently deal with those muscular men with big mustaches. Who says girls can’t handle such businesses? She is the best support system I could have asked for. And obviously, two are better than one. I call her my right hand. (laughs)


Papa-daughter: Boss-employee. Be honest and tell me, if you’re treated like an employee or a daughter.

Ummm…I will be honest. Out of all the 8 children in our house, I’m the most pampered one. It is impossible for him to treat me like an employee. Actually, papa can’t get strict with anyone. Even the employees aren’t treated like employees over here. They are all family._MG_1826a

Can I ask about your salary?

I don’t take any._MG_1795a

What?? But why?

I really don’t require it. I’m not working for a salary. I’m doing what I love and that is enough for me. Besides, I have my boutique to keep me financially independent.

How did your in-laws react when you told them that you wanted to continue working with your dad?

Ours is an arranged marriage. When I met my husband for the first time, I made it very clear that I won’t stop working after getting married. He was okay with it, so was his family._MG_1863a

I am curious, how do you manage this job along with assisting your husband and running the boutique? Super-power or something?

I focus on the work at hand. Moreover, I’m not bound by time. I usually come here by 1 and then work for as long as I like. I leave for my home at about 7:30pm. Also, the boutique is right next door.

It was a bit problematic right after marriage and then during my pregnancy. However, now I have gotten along with the routine._MG_1857a

To love what you do is probably the key to manage a million things at once. Who on earth could play so many roles, so effortlessly. Kudos to you, lady! You make the womankind proud!

If you are a woman, running a business with your father, share your story with us on contactjaipurwomenblog@gmail.com.

Picture courtesy: Shashank K. Tyagi

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