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Stop Saying: I’m Beautiful Inside And That Counts The Most

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  •  August 9, 2016


“I am looking like a football in this top.”

“Oh, no! This double chin is looking so bad.”

“When I walk, it’s like a baby elephant walking.”

“Look at my arms, I can’t ever wear sleeveless.”

“All my flab dance with me.”

“No selfies and close-ups for me.”

“I look seven months pregnant in this body-hugging dress.”

I, Ms. Fatasstic, can bet that all of you must have said this and other similar things to yourself umpteen number of times.

So, dear girls sorry to burst a bubble but it’s not the others who mocked you in the first place. It was you who degraded yourself and gave liberty to others to shame you.

If you hate your body and keep emitting those negative thoughts in the universe, you can’t expect others to be positive about you and your fat. (Note: It’s not victim-blaming. It is just to advocate the importance of loving yourself.)

We have all seen how “being thin and lean” has come in “vogue” with time. But, we have failed to understand the cause behind the spread of this thought. It’s the domino effect. Somewhere there was someone who triggered the idea of “fat is wrong” and one by one it plagued everyone and now it has become a “body standard.”

So, why not start a new revolution and make small changes in ourselves. Bit by bit, let’s change the way we see ourselves.

Here’s a list of little things which will help you become a body-accepting person initially and gradually you’ll grow into a body-positive one:

Look into the mirror and focus on the feature you like the most: Rather than saying what you don’t like about yourself, for a time being, focus on things the body parts and features you like.

Stop picturing yourself in someone else’s body and abstain from any form of a comparison: You must have imagined, “How good I would look if I had Deepika Padukone’s figure,” “I am at least thinner than her,” etc. It’s harming your self-esteem. STOP IT! Repeat to yourself, “I am the only one like myself and no one else can be me.”

Stop saying, “I am beautiful inside, and that counts the most”:  If you are arguing with yourself and with others that it’s the “internal beauty” that matters and not how you look outside, somewhere you are saying, “I might not look good, but I have a beautiful heart.” It’s body-shaming, and it’s so not true. Know that if you are beautiful inside, you are beautiful outside, too. Period!

Stop feeling guilty about your food: This is the worst thing to do. Positive feelings will give positive results. So, if you are constantly negative about your food and feel guilty about it, it shall treat you the same. Believe me! Things that make you happy should be done guilt-free. So, enjoy every morsel, every cupcake, and every chocolate.


(Note: In no sense, I am shunning the importance of balanced diet and healthy eating. The point here is that one should not feel guilty of having cravings and temptations.)

Understand that your weight is not what your life relies on: When I wasn’t the Fatasstic chick, I had only one excuse for everything in my life, “Once I lose weight, everything will be set.” And, yes, I lost weight, and still, nothing was “set.” So, Start living your life now, without any conditions apply.


Make it a point to compliment other people fighting the same battle and PLEASE mean it: It will curb the habit of judging yourself and others based on their bodies. One compliment can make their entire day. And, imagine the positive energy we all will be emitting if every day all of us truly appreciate others for how they are.

Don’t shy away from photos: Photos are the most treasured memories. Don’t hide from getting clicked or capturing yourself and remind yourself how beautiful you look. Complimenting yourself is as important as praising others.

Every night thank God for a healthy and well-functioning body: Feel blessed to have a healthy body and mind and that your body doesn’t require any support from others to operate in everyday life. Before going off to sleep at night, thanks Him for it.

#Fatasstic Tip:

Of course, while trying to be body positive,  people might criticize you and your “body” which will affect you at some level, and you’ll find yourself questioning everything again.


“We are God’s most cherished creation and if he wanted all of us to be the same then he would have made us that way. So, everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way. We just have to see it.” 

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