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Sovini Daydreams With JWB To Save Water. Wat-er- Thought!

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  •  May 27, 2016


After busting my brother, Samyak, it was time to move forward with my campaign ‘Wat-er- Thought’ and find another culprit who can’t control the flow of his/her thoughts resulting in unnecessary flow of water while brushing teeth.

It was 8:30 in the morning and my sister just woke up. And then it struck me, why not include her too in Wat-er Thought?

Sovini loves to live in her own world and often leaves the cupboard doors, drawers, light switches, and taps open. And let me tell you, it’s always exciting to pinch your siblings for their mistakes. *evil grin*

Thankfully, luck was on our side, and we got to capture her red-handed as she marched towards the bathroom to brush.



And guess what we found? She was admiring herself while brushing!

After all, looking at sleepy-self or checking for break-outs or simply worshiping self is everybody’s routine. Even mine. But hey! I don’t leave the taps open.


Is she the only one who uses Snapchat to show how much of a ‘cleanliness-freak’ she is? I wondered and could hear ‘Ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga..jaise khilta gulab..jaise shayar ka khwab..jaise ujali kiran.. ‘ playing loudly in my head, and as I was picturing my sister as Manisha Koirala in that song, suddenly, I heard water dripping on the bathroom floor reminding me of Wat-er-Thought.

Errrr..I guess day-dreaming is in my genes.

Me: Hawww! kitna saara paani waste kar diya..

She: *rushes to turn the faucet off* Haan yaar. I don’t remember leaving the tap open.11


Me: You do that always!

BTW, what were you so busy thinking about?


She: Really! Oh! I was thinking about a new hairstyle to pull off at work and about what to wear today. Oops! I forgot to mail that design to my boss.

Then I noticed a zit on my cheek and desperately wanted it to vanish. So, I checked my phone for some tips for the zit and then I saw last night’s snaps. I decided to first reply to them and show my friends how sleepy I am!



And, I surprisingly looked cute in those snaps. And as you know, I can’t stand at one place, so I came out and began thinking about the clothes I will take with me for the upcoming vacation.

Me: *sighing at my fashionista-sista*

You remember that new white top we bought? I was thinking how to pair it up. And then I began thinking about my different attires for the trip. I ended up with a lot of new ideas to create different looks…


Me: Geela to hona hi tha! Thanks to your self-love and fancy for clothes! Did you know you could think of a lot of better things like:

  1. Feeding that poor black dog you talk about, while going for work.
  2. Making time for exercising to help you relax.
  3. Working for your passion for painting and completing that artwork.
  4. And you shouldn’t be worrying about those zits. They aren’t that big!

She: Yea! Yea! Now don’t be ‘gyaani’! Spare me.

Lessons learnt: Your siblings don’t like it when you advise them anything. Kidding!

You should realize the value of water flow before the water stops flowing from your tap, and always remember to begin your day with a flow of positive thoughts.Wat-er ThoughtAdiós fellas.

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