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Sister Helps Brother Pamper His Pregnant Wife With Creative Gifts, Later They Turn It Into A Successful Business

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  •  June 27, 2019

Apart from a planning a picturesque maternity shoot, gifting full-body massage and fancy maternity wear, how else can we pamper the pregnant women in our circle?

Thanks to Google for it flashes many options on our screen when we’re looking for ‘cute gifts for pregnant women.’ But tell me, are you among those marginally few ones who take the effort to come up with a customized idea? If yes, you’re probably going to enjoy this story!

The brother-sister duo, Tushar Laddha and Saloni Daga Parekh from Mumbai, came up with the idea of Pamper Hamper when Tushar’s wife, Mahek, was pregnant. As a perfect husband (pay attention, partners!), he wanted to pamper his wife during her first pregnancy. However, the lack of options in the market disheartened him. “Like any other brother, he, too, turned to his sister for help during the crisis. He asked me to brainstorm and come up with a creative gift for bhabhi that he could impress her with,” giggles Saloni.

IWB sat down with the dotting sister-in-law, Saloni, to listen to the entrepreneurial journey she carved with her loving brother, Tushar, in the form of Pamper Hamper. Read the conversation below:

So you guys are accidental entrepreneurs, eh?

You can say that. But I think the credit goes to my bhabhi (Mahek) whose mood swings made us work hard on the whole concept (laughs).

What kinds of gifts was Tushar giving to Mehak before the venture?

He would take her out to romantic dinner dates to satisfy her food cravings. Other than the usual gifts, they would often go to the movies but that stopped because moving around too much with a lack of basic amenities in public places becomes difficult for pregnant women. Basically, it was a cliché pregnancy period until…

Until both of you came up with the idea.

That’s right! Both of us sat down and decided to create a scrapbook for Mehak with personal messages and some memorable family moments. Our idea was to gel fun with knowledge for the mother-user.

When was it that you decided to take the idea commercial?

We converted Pamper Hamper into a business model only after we were satisfied with our product range. Before selling, we gifted the customized products to the pregnant women in our family and in the friends’ circle. Their approval was our starting point and their reviews, our benchmark.

Have you been able to create a niche for the brand in the last one year?

I guess so. Since we’ve got no direct competitors, we have been able to reach the masses. Pregnancy has become such a glamorous affair these days, isn’t it? I think it’s a brilliant opportunity for those who have interesting ideas in their minds.

pamper hamper

Where can we find your products?

It is available across Mumbai at Archies, Crossword stores, and some local shops. If you aren’t from this city, you can go for online shopping.

What’s your favorite product from the range?

There are a few of them. The first one has to be the board game documenting the journey of pregnant women in the form of the classic Snakes & Ladders. The second one is the Mommylogy book which is full of puzzles and creative mind games for the mothers-to-be. The book has nine divisions for the nine months and puzzles revolving around them. It is a complete instruction book that teaches new mommies what’s happening inside their bodies month-wise.

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This required a lot of research, we guess.

Yes, both my brother and I met experienced gynecologists to collect the vital information. We also met Garbh Sanskaar Gurus who expertise in the holistic development of foetus. In India, pregnant couples often go to them to understand the basic cultural principles which enhance their parenting skills.

Lastly, what has Tushar learned as a new father?

I think this journey has shaped him into a better husband who now understands how important it is to bond with the wife during pregnancy. Many pregnant women suffer emotional trauma as they are often made to feel that it is solely their responsibility to bear the child and give birth. Pamper Hamper is a series of educational products/services that educates parents about the mother’s health, the baby’s care, the pre and postnatal care, etc.

With these games and products, we hope that both the father and the mother bond with one another as they prepare themselves to take up the new responsibility.

Dear parents, while you are decking up your baby’s wardrobe and playroom, make sure you spoil the mommy for choices. Embrace her every mood swing and tantrum because, to be honest, it’s not easy to devote your body and mind for almost a year to give birth to a life.

First published on May 8, 2018.

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