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SHEROES, Jaipur Moms & JWB Present ‘Work From Home – Job Opportunities For Women’

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  •  July 11, 2015

The weather was beautiful yesterday when Team SHEROES landed in Jaipur. Club Jaipur Moms and Jaipur Women Blog along with SHEROES conducted a successful seminar on June 10 for city’s women who want to either kick-start their career or restart it after a work sabbatical.

However, there is one similarity among these women sitting in the wide hall of OM Towers where the event took place. These beautiful women are mommies of lovely children and are in search of career paths that they can be handled while sitting at home. And that’s what SHEROES looks after! Let’s learn what speaker, Sairee Chahal – founder of SHEROES, had in kitty for the seeking audience._MG_5455a

Sairee began with a lovely note, “Thank you for making time for yourself, dear women. As wives and mothers, it really gets difficult to find the me-time. I am glad, so many of you could make it to this event.”

True that. Generally after marriage, women are the first to quit their jobs. Sairee questions, “Why don’t the husbands volunteer to quit their work? Why is it always the woman who has to give up on her career to make the family?”_MG_5433a

So what shall be done to fix the issue which is not just breeding in Indian culture but worldwide? She answers, “Women don’t need any empowerment, they are already empowered. The problem arises when they themselves decide to give up on a part of their lives.”

She continues, “To stay encouraged, we must keep meeting motivating people, talk about their career life, track down some mentor and follow him/her, read success stories…”

“…and attend events meant for career guidance like this one”, quips one of the mommies attending the event._MG_5618a

Sairee made sure to keep the session lively by keeping it interactive. The experienced speaker quickly asked the women to introduce themselves, giving them just 30 seconds to think. Varied answered popped-in:

“I am dying to get back to work soon after my child turned 2.”

“I did my post-graduation after 7 years of marriage. Now I want to build a career.”

“My kids are big and settled. Ab mujhe kuch karke dikhana hai.”

“I already have a manufacturing unit. I want your suggestion on how I can take it forward and touch the sky.”

“I have taken 3 breaks – once after marriage and then after my 2 kids were born. Now no more breaks, phew!”_MG_5531a

“My husband is in a transferrable job and that’s how I can never keep a pace with one job. I need a solution.”

Can you notice so many extrinsic reasons why a woman is not able to build her career? Sairee explains, “India produces the maximum number of women graduates but with time, most of them are wiped out from the market. We are the biggest target audience for companies who want to sell their products to us, and the irony is, we aren’t even financially independent to buy their stuff! Where are we lacking? I think the potential to grab opportunities is rather low among women. I am sure most of you don’t know which companies in India provide home job opportunities to us. Am I right?”_MG_5844a

She was right. Even though we are a women’s blog talking about empowerment, we scratched our heads thinking about these life-saving companies.

Sairee remarks, “Setting the priorities is foremost for every woman. Don’t think that the world runs with you. If you will take a day’s break, nothing will shatter. Just like you invest in your home, it is crucial to invest in your career too. Can anyone explain what does that mean?”_MG_5849q

One of the women raised hand and said, “I am an engineer who is now into personality development. Last December, I did a diploma course to enhance my career skills. I don’t think age has anything to do with education.”

Wonderful, we like such women! So when was the last time you invested in your career? It involves reading books, staying up to date with the current market, following latest trends and technologies, taking personal guidance, etc. Every step that you take towards making yourself better and efficient is an investment.

So why staying up-to-date is so important? Sairee answers, “In most of the unfortunate cases, a guard of a building is more updated about the latest business news than a woman in top management. So who is smarter? Of course, the guard!”_MG_5418a

As much as this sentence pins, the reality is, women aren’t really updated with latest trends. If one wants to work from home, it somehow becomes essential that he/she knows how to use apps, work on laptop along with a lil’ bit of technicalities. Sairee explains, “Today you can order food, milk, clothes, car, furniture online…just with a click on our mobile phone! And trust me, it doesn’t really take much of your efforts to learn these savvys…

…let me tell you the top 6 skills every job/employer/company expects from you, no matter if you are working from home or not:

A – Analyzing information

C – Collaboration

T – Technical aptitude

I – Intuition

O – Ongoing education

N – Negotiation

_MG_5754aSo dear friends, if you know you’re lacking some of them, it’s time to pull up the socks. Because only when you are smart and efficient, can you confidently ask for flexible working hours and handsome salary.”

Point noted.

Sairee then moved to the part that was eagerly awaited by everyone – what are the top ‘work-from-home’ jobs listed on SHEROES website, especially meant for women. These are:_MG_5841a

  1. Social media manager
  2. Content writer
  3. Digital marketing managers
  4. Recruiters
  5. Pre-sales Professional
  6. Customer service associates
  7. Virtual assistants
  8. Developers
  9. Financial advisors

Apart from this, Sairee also spoke about various other home & time flexible jobs where women can show their talent, for example – taking English classes on phone for Chinese students, etc. Sounds interesting!

And here’s the list of top employers featured on SHEROES that are looking for women who can handle their job positions while enhancing their own career choices. Have a look!_MG_5885a

Oh, and did we mention Sairee made all the women sign up on SHEROES so that she can personally guide them and help them find the right ‘work from home’ jobs! _MG_5400aIf you’ve missed the event, make sure to sign up and fill your profile on SHEROES. Click here.

PS – Check out JWB’s another campaign with SHEROES here.

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