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Send Us Your Personal Narratives Of Sexuality And Desire As We Seek Freedom Through “Cuntry”

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  •  November 12, 2018

Aah, to belong to a CUNTry and now imagine saying this in India! Confused? I can explain.

We belong to a country that operates on absolute dichotomies. Thus, speaking in the most Shakespearian sense of the idea, a woman here is either a saint or a sinner and of course, there lies nothing in between. We detest the idea of greys, reveling peacefully in our blacks and whites.

We like our women absolutely neat and clean and sanskaari! And besides, many other things which get sacrificed at this altar of this virginal utopia, a woman’s sexual desires are perhaps the first ones. We, for some reason, cannot (accompanied by an attitude of “will not”) comprehend the idea of a woman seeking sexual pleasure. It always comes with conditions, where, of course, marriage and procreation are the primary ones.

But what happens when these conditions are not fulfilled and a woman decides to approach sex just like men do – simply for the heck of it, or to put it more concretely, just for the carnal pleasure? She is immediately labeled. Her libido is preposterous, almost monstrous, her ultimate undoing. She is a cunt, a whore, a slut, and what not.

Women’s agency and their stake in sexual pleasure is the last thing that we want to discuss or even pay any heed to as a country. It’s invisible, insignificant, and also inconvenient. The idea of a woman wanting, having, or enjoying unapologetic sex strikes so many as downright revolting, an abomination of the highest degree. We think it’s high time this skewed and deeply flawed narrative is changed for good.

Constantly striving to be a wholesome voice in contemporary feminism, IWB has thus come up with our latest campaign “Cuntry” to stand up for sexual choices of women for pleasure and not just for procreating. The campaign will take you across the country as we navigate the sexuality of women, how it has been repressed all this while, and seek ways of freeing it.

Our campaign partner Kamasutra has joined us in our quest and will help us in taking you across the length and breadth of the country as we navigate the dynamics of women’s sexuality in India and attempt to free it from the confining fetters of repressed ideologies.

We believe that when packaged the right way and shared with the right intent, even the smallest of the stories can impact big changes. One of the reasons why folklores across the world have survived the test of time is because they have taught us important lessons in life, interactively embedded in stories. This is exactly what we strive to do with “Cuntry.”

Our aim here is to bring to you stories of women’s sexuality and sexual desire till they get normalized. Through a series of articles, we’d be sharing real-life stories of sexual fantasies, liberation, and empowerment. We seek to dismantle the oppressive notions and stereotypes that have been harbored all this while about women and sex. We also want to encourage women to speak up. Don’t you think, it is as important for a woman to have pleasurable sex as it is for a man?

God knows, for how long we have talked about what it is that makes the men tick and what it is that pleases them the most. We all have an answer, we all know at least one of the things that would certainly please a man in the bed, but do we approach a woman’s pleasure as diligently? Certainly not! Thus, through Cuntry, we seek an answer to this question. Let’s find out what makes a woman tick and more.

For the campaign, we will also look back into our mythology and try to excavate the roots of Indian sexuality and women’s agency in sex through changing times.

We invite you to bring your love/lust stories to find power in the spoken word and set yourself free.

We’d love to know how you rose above the burden of stigma that the society so liberally throws on our shoulders. We seek your stories to inspire, empower, and liberate those hesitant to make the first move towards claiming their agency in sexual pleasure.

You can reach out to us on You can also DM your story to our Facebook and Instagram handles. (P.S. Confidentiality would be ensured if you ask for it).

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