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SEEMA’S DIARY: ‘I’m happy to be in my own skin now!’

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  •  March 20, 2014

On 15th March, Seema was taken for her Day-2 Makeover by our team. We accompanied her to a Banipark based Beauty Salon – Riviere – owned by Ms. Nazia Ali.



Riviere Salon has taken up the challenge to give Seema a beauty-makeover to send out a positive message to many other women like Seema. The idea is to break mentality of the society and communicate that every woman has a right to look beautiful, to BE HAPPY, so what if she is a widow. Let’s know how Seema is feeling about this day…


“Jaipur Women Blog is determined to give me a makeover in order to prove that widows like me are not society’s puppet and have a life of their own. After he passed away, I remember how my divided focus was fully shifted towards my daughters. Amidst taking their care and of finances, I tampered my interest on the way I looked.

A little care of this and that was on the list since I represent an educational organization and it requires looking meaningful. But today when I was taken for my makeover-day 2 at Riviere, I realized how irresponsible I have become towards myself in the race of fulfilling other important responsibilities. Today I noticed the dark circles under my eyes that have become tough in all these years, I touched my hard skin texture & stared at my hair and thought they could look better.

The salon’s owner Ms. Nazia has decided to make me look the way I should be looking and the way I deserve to look. To begin with, she asked me about my skin type, about my allergies and my beauty preferences. Shockingly, I didn’t know what my skin type was! And this silence of mine explained her the way I have been living. With a smile on her face and a gesture like that of a sister, she told me – ‘Don’t worry, we will do it together and you will be surprised at the end.’


After looking at the condition of my skin and hair, she has asked me to come for 3 sittings where my skin will be exposed to her natural products to be applied under her inspection. She told me that my skin is very sensitive and hence it has to be given treatments which will provide my innermost skin layers a cooling effect. Hence, after properly scrubbing and cleaning my face and neck area, she put Mud Pack on my face. This is something I was trying for the 1st time and the feeling was quite superior.

After 2 hours of total efforts, Nazia showed me the mirror. I could not believe but stare myself in amazement if that was really me. It was my skin that was as clear as a mirror reflection, as bright as the light in the room and as beautiful as any woman would wish to look. While I was stuck with ‘my new self’, Nazia told me that today was the 1st sitting and I need two more. I can’t imagine how beautiful are these people going to make me ultimately that too without using a drop of makeup.

But, today I really gave myself a second thought and understood the meaning of my life. Having nurtured 2 daughters and teaching so many students, I want to radiate life, and not being dead. I should not just wear anything and comb my hair in any effortless way, but to make that little effort that can help me look like a confident woman. A woman who has not stopped because of what happened to her, but a woman who has the power to stop time inspite of all the hardships.

At the end, I want to mention about Nazia. I am very inspired with this lady who herself has gone through a lot in her life. She told me how strong she became after her brutal divorce.  She shared how she went through some really worst years but emerged as a Victor. Today, she is the owner of this quickly-growing Unisex Beauty Salon which has earned loyal customers. I was amazed to see her single-handedly maintaining the finances, daily-routine at the Parlor and also taking care of a team that she had trained herself.

Though I live quite far from Riviere Salon, after getting treated so exquisitely, I wish to visit it in near future. I have told Nazia that this was my 1st experience where I was treated like someone really special and was provided beauty services straight from their heart.

In the morning I am going to tell Nazia’s life story to my 2 daughters for sure. And, on my own, I will start my new day with more empowered thought! Hence, I am not Alone on this planet! I share the Power of the Dream with many women! Salute to Women-Power.”

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