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Sania Mirza Gives A Befitting Reply To A Twitter User Who Questioned Her “Nationality”

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  •  April 12, 2018

Tennis player Sania Mirza expressed her pain and anguish over the two horrifying rape incidents – the gangrape and murder of an eight-year-old girl in Kathua and rape of a 17-year-old by a BJP legislator Kuldeep Singh Sengar.

Sania tweeted:

Sania Mirza on Twitter

Justice needs to be done … for the sake of keeping our faith in the judiciary and the system alive .. I really hope and pray justice is done .. and soon.. #UnnaoHorror #UnnaoRapeCase

Replying to the news headline of The New York Times on Kathua case, Mirza wrote on Thursday morning:

Sania Mirza on Twitter

Is this really the kind of country we we want to be known as to the world today ?? If we can’t stand up now for this 8 year old girl regardless of our gender,caste,colour or religion then we don’t stand for anything in this world.. not even humanity..

Mirza called out the nation for the unseen cruelty when the eight-year-old was drugged, held captive and gang-raped for days, and then was murdered without mercy. Despite the sensitivity of the topic, some responded pointing at Sania’s marriage to Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik and questioning her patriotism.

Kichu Kannan Namo on Twitter

@MirzaSania With all respect madam which country are you talking abt.Last time I checked u had married into Pakistan. You no longer are a Indian. And if u must tweet thn also tweet for the innocents killed by Pak terror outfits..

Sania didn’t hold back and lambasted trolls with a befitting reply. She reminded Twitter of how the time demands every human to look beyond religion and caste and bring back humanity. Mirza wrote:

Sania Mirza on Twitter

First of all nobody marries ‘into’ anywhere .. you marry a person! Secondly NO LOW LIFE like you will tell me which country I belong to.. I play for India,I am Indian and always will be.. nd maybe if u look beyond religion and country one day you may just also stand for humanity!

She also gave it back to another non-sensical Twitter user who asked her if she was this vocal during the Nirbhaya case.

rajan on Twitter

@MirzaSania It’s good that u tweeted but I couldn’t recollect ur tweet for Nirbhaya rape or other rapes done on Hindu girls ?

Sania Mirza on Twitter

Are you serious man?? Like what’s wrong with you? How can you even bring religion in this ?? EVERY HORRID Crime needs to stop regardless of the religion of the victim or culprit!!

The sane Twitter community supported the tennis player and gave back to noisy hypocrites.

Raghu Raman on Twitter

@MirzaSania When @MirzaSania plays and wins its the Indian Tricolor that goes up and the Indian National Anthem that is played across the world. That’s beyond the understanding of some people.

Bhanu virat on Twitter

@MirzaSania Nicely said mam….We’re proud of u mam… Whole India proud to have a people like u.. Humanity is main source to live as a human in anywhere in the world than anything else..


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