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Samyak Floods JWB To Save Water. Wat-er Thought!

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  •  May 24, 2016


The other day I was watching “kya aapke toothpaste me namak hai?” ad on TV and it gave me an idea about my internship project with Jaipur Women Blog.

“What A Thought!”

Psst! Thaaat, my friends, is somewhat the name of my campaign. And no, it’s not regarding toothpaste or salt! It’s a morning custom that we all feel guilty about, sometimes.

Wat-er Thought“, the campaign is about saving the water while brushing our teeth. And what if I told you that you can control the flow of the disturbing thoughts in the morning along with controlling the flow of water while brushing? Thank You, I know I am wise!

To accelerate my project, I began preparing to bust five victims who leave the taps open while brushing and think non-sense when doing it. And, my first victim was my favorite prey, my school going brother: Samyak.

After all, charity begins at home.  And so does spreading awareness on an important issue. Right?

So, I requested my brother, Samyak to be a part of ‘Wat-er Thought !’ and responsively, he agreed!

Samyak has a habit of letting-rivers-flow from the tap while he brushes, but never accepts that one minute of this can lead to 2 gallons of water wastage. It was critical to teach him a lesson.

With that plan up my sleeve, I invited Sanchit, our Photographer, to come my home and secretly capture my brother’s wrongdoing.

Wat-er Thught

“I wanna sleep moorree! zzzz”  I could read his mind and his sleepy face.

“I wish this was a weekend. Weekend! I would be playing with my Rubik’s Cube and acing the technique. First, I would arrange all the blue blocks.. ” 

While he stepped out of the bathroom, I slipped in the bathroom and clogged the basin. And this sleepy-head did not notice that!


Wat-er Thught

Wat-er Thught

“But it’s Friday, and I slept late yesterday, thanks to the party.

Ohh! The food in the party, yum! Why do I have to go to the school in this scorching heat? The school people definitely want us to faint. I wish my school began at ten like Samay’s!  Shit, I forgot to give dragons to him in Clash Of Clans. He is going to kill me for this.

Wait! He told me he is at his nani’s place. He has holidays. When are my holidays going to begin? To hell with the summer tuition classes.

Wat-er Thught

Oops! I forgot to pack my bag last night. Let’s do it. Today I don’t need these books; my bag will be lighter! Thank God. I hope the teacher doesn’t ask for Math homework today. I haven’t even started doing it. Maybe I can do a bit in the van.. Oh! It’s about time for the van to come, I must hurry.” Samyak reveals what he was thinking about, while brushing, later to us.


His dreams shatter upon listening to the sound of the waterfall coming from his bathroom. He rushes in to see that the water has flown out of the sink creating a pool on the bathroom floor.

Wat-er Thught

“Is this the amount of water I waste every day?! ” He blurts out

Wat-er Thught

ME: Sammy! You are busted! Can you see the amount of water that you waste every day ?!

HE: Sorry! I had no idea. I will never leave the tap open again.

Wat-er Thught

ME: Along with it, can you promise me that instead of thinking about negative things and complaining, you will reflect on the good things like ‘What a fantastic party it was, that  I went to last night. After eating the delicious food, I slept like a Panda, didn’t wake up even once. It’s such beautiful weather in Jaipur. I love my school and schol friends…

HE: Ummm…

Thankfully, Samyak understood the purpose of our campaign and took a pledge that he would never leave the faucet open and block the flow of negative thoughts while blocking the flow of water.

P.S. If you want me to bust your forever victims, mention them in the comments below, or write to me at

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