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Read How Dogger-In-Chief Sought Revenge Through Embarrassing Photos Of Her Friends

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  •  November 14, 2016


Hello, I’m Poppy, the Dogger-in-Chief of Jaipur Women Blog. My mom Lavanya thought it would be funny to display my horrible and embarrassing pictures on Instagram.

When I was younger, and innocently playing with a toy snake (I thought it was real, at that time!), my mom decided to capture the crazy sight and posted it for the entire world to see.

I am fighter, y'all! . . #LifeOfPoppy #MoodToday #OnTheFloor #Ajaaja #LikeAGirl

A photo posted by Poppy AL (@life_of_poppy_) on

But, if I’m going to get dragged through the mud, I might as well take the others with me.

Meet Lily, the Lady Boss Ana’s little kitty. The humans that live with her were perhaps on a madness spree, or high on meow-ness when they decided that their little cat was actually a lion.

While some would call them lame, I think they were ambitious. Clearly, poor Lily was embarrassed. At least, my mom’s not the only one going around clicking weird pictures of her baby,img_2


Leo bhaiya always claims to be a tall, dark & handsome fella, and today, I discovered a picture of him that will put all of his pride to… Shame. Shame. Shame. I was chewing onto Lavanya mom’s old water bottle when I saw Komal mausi laughing at a strange picture, and I immediately caught a glance. I’m smart.

Here, you’ll see a tiny Leo bhaiya, trying to look cute with a runny nose, and eyes begging for puberty to do him right. Guess, he just got lucky.img_3

Neo bhaiya, on the other hand, has always been poised, and pretended to be a saint, which was proven wrong! Yes! He digs up holes in the garden just as much as I like to chew on the office furniture, or Leo bhaiya likes to eat everyone’s slippers, or Lily the cat likes to sit inside Fiona the cat’s basket!

Here, he’s just pretending that he did no digging at all, but his mouth proved to be the evidence, Anvita mausi made sure she showed it off. Hah! In your face, Neo bhaiya!

I didn't do anything!

I didn’t do anything!

Django bhaiya is the meanest ever! That’s why I picked out his worst photo. When I visited Anvita mausi’s home, she almost stole my tiny biscuits. I was heart broken. Okay, I know I ate from his plate and then he returned the favor, but still!

Here’s a picture of Django bhaiya enjoying the pleasure of breaking rules. He’s not supposed to get inside the bed, but he did and his mischief was captured.img_1


Now since I completed my revenge, it’s time for me to run. Because, if my friends see what I did to them, I’m Woofin’ down.

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