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Vedika Bihani

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Prarthana Of GiftAbled Helps Me Butter The Lady Boss With This ‘Love-Abled’ Present

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  •  June 28, 2017


What if presents gifted to us had their own tales to tell?

One such story is of Jyothi, a painter with hearing impairment. She creates abstract art in the spectrum of colors that she calls music. Jyothi paints how the guitar and the piano sound in her heart.


Many artisans like Jyothi have got an opportunity to transform their lives through GiftAbled, a social enterprise which makes the art of differently-abled artisans available through its e-store and a shop in Banglore. Prarthana Prateek Kaul, the founder of GiftAbled, aims to build a socially inclusive society where people understand and know the language of empathy, love, and compassion.

Here’s an excerpt of my conversation with the very cheerful Prarthana.

How did you begin your journey in the social sector?

I began working with I-volunteer on different causes. My projects included kids, elderly, physically challenged and those suffering from life-threatening diseases. I was appalled by the perception of society towards the marginalized groups.


What changes have you observed since then?

GiftAbled has not only changed people’s attitude but also the outlook of those with disabilities. Initially, on commuting through sign language, the ones with hearing impairment would ask our volunteers if they were deaf too. Today, the scenario has completely changed. We have hosted various campaigns to teach sign language to people from different sectors.

Is it possible to teach empathy? 

Absolutely. People have become more accepting and are moving towards an inclusive society where they wish to accommodate people of all types and kinds. Our artisans are known for their talent and skills rather than their disabilities.


Do you meet your artisans personally? 

Our artisans belong to vast geographies – from valleys of Kashmir to stretches of Tamil Nadu. I meet only those artisans who live in and around Karnataka.

What products of GiftAbled can we find at your home?

Oh many! Paintings, wall hangings, purses, pottery, lamps, etc. My husband (Prateek Kaul) gifted me a beautiful painting. It is one of the most memorable gifts I have ever received.

Aww! There must be more stories behind your gifts.

Three months back, my husband gave up his job and joined GiftAbled. That was the best gift for me.

I have tons of personalized cards with little drawings and miniatures on them. I will always treasure them.

Earlier I was working for children suffering from life-threatening diseases. Once a little girl timidly walked towards me and offered me an orange, saying, “It’s my favorite fruit. I am gifting it to you.” I was overwhelmed, and my eyes were moist.


Have you taught sign language to your family members?

Can you believe my 6-year-old niece knows the entire sign language? I had taught sign language to one of my cousins from America, and it coincidentally helped him commute with an employee at his office. Actually, I teach it to everyone who visits me.

That’s amazing! I will give you few occasions, and you will suggest me gifts from your e-store for the same.

Boss’s Birthday

If the boss is she, then a purse, and if he – then wooden crafts or belt. I would suggest presenting a gift voucher. You boss can choose a gift for herself.


Marriage Anniversary

Sunken candles with a romantic message on it.


BFF’s Reunion

Friendship bands or maybe cards.


House Warming Party

Oh! There are plenty. Bells, lamps, paintings, wall hangings, wooden craft, etc.

And, what will you pick from GiftAbled for your favorite Bollywood star?

Um… A GiftAbled T-shirt with sign language at its back.

It’s a beautiful thought. Any message for our readers?

Follow your heart and spare some time to bring little changes in the world around you. Next time you shop a gift, make sure to know about the smiles and stories attached to it.

About Us

GiftAbled is a social Enterprise which works closely with People with Disability. Our aim is to create opportunities and transform the lives of People with Disability. We at GiftAbled have a wide range of products with emphasis on positive and simple humane values, which you can purchase with a feeling of doing good.

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