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Pram Library presents ‘A Girl who will whirl the World’

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  •  July 31, 2014


A long awaited story of a little heroine! It was some time back when little Adya and her Mom participated in the ‘Pram Library’ Campaign. The duo were made to meet the Child Counselors of the Palace School where the experts tried to understand the nature of the kids reading habits – and based on that, gave some useful tips to the mommy, who was a little  worried about improving reading skills. But not anymore!

Also we have joined hands with one of the most stylish stores in India for kidswear – MAX Fashion Store at MGF Mall (Jaipur) to make a book about 3-year old Adya! You have already read the story of our another heroine – 9 year old Ananya Solanki. Now it’s time to read the tale of a Girl who will whirl the world! 

The girl who will whirl the world!


This is a story of a girl (Adya) through her mother’s (Surbhi) imagination. No, this story will not take you back to the empty grounds where the divs and jinns and giants roamed, but what it will unabashedly do is; help you alienate from being a stereotype. And maybe, it will make your thinking more on the rational side towards your children and their future, than a rigid one.

How about a young Super Model?


This one fine day I woke up out of my wildest dreams and landed up entering another when I read this headline in the newspaper kept bedside. It said – ‘4 years young music sensation has arrived!’ That very moment I was entangled with a dilemma between my heart and mind.

My heart was coming up with some beautiful feelings that made me happy about the fact that my daughter is a ROCKSTAR. However, the logical guru – Mind, had its own explanations to give.

It started with raising few then-relevant questions, starting with; did I ever want my little one to become a ROCKSTAR? Will she be able to spend some time with me, or maybe, will ever meet me? Is it a mistake that she has committed? How about becoming a young Super Model?

As soon as the very thought could actually sink in, I found myself flying in the high skies.

A ramp-walk to a space shuttle!


I was confused and dizzy with the chain of events when a beam of light entered my eye. It was more than the fair share of light that my retina could digest, I literally got blind. On gaining partial visibility, I saw a ramp on which beautiful models were posing, wearing beautiful dresses. They looked close to an angel in their outfits. I dared to move a bit closer nudging the crowd on my way with my elbow.

On reaching closer to the ramp, I saw this angel walking the ramp – perfect shape, perfect walk, just the way a perfect model should be. I went a bit closer to get a glimpse of her, and as soon as I saw her, I squealed in a shock compiled with excitement – “Adya!”

Yes, she was my lovely daughter walking the ramp like a princess. I was so elated that I do not have words to explain. There were flashes all around with fans clicking photographs and shouting for autographs. A few more rounds of walk I saw my daughter wearing three different outfits, in which she looked better and better each time she walked the ramp. It was then, when I was stricken with a cliffhanger in the tale.


I remembered a conversation between me and Adya at supper time once, when she said, “Mamma I want to become an Astronaut when I grow old, and fly high in the space discovering new planets”. The very thought of hers at the age of 3 years, took me aback.

I asked myself; have I imposed my dreams onto her?


And I saw myself standing on an aisle next to a space shuttle.

Would you dare to be an extraordinaire!

Adya looked so alike Sunita Williams in the space suit that she wore. Like any proud mother, I cried with tears of joy. And in a matter of few minutes it started to fly and I just kept on looking at it, till when the giant hole releasing fumes of fuel and gasses turned into a bleak light of a far away star.

The television round the globe was telecasting stories of her. I remember how they all went gaga over a woman being up there for so long. Just then, my mind twitched me with another question; ‘Is it safe up there?’ My heart was shaken with very thought. It was then, when I had my own private conversation with god – “I don’t want my daughter to be an extraordinaire!” The clod underneath cracked and it swallowed me in.

Unique, as we all are!

I was falling down and down with a speed of lightning and all I could see was Adya practicing different professions, while I was falling. It felt like a climax of a nail-biting thriller being played.

I saw Adya as a Politician…



As a Dancer….


As an invader….


As a Business Lady…


…and in a whole lot of professions that I would have ever come across. However, it all ended with one perfect visual of Adya playing and enjoying her childhood.

It was then, when my deep sleep was stolen by a twitch of the reality. I got off my bed in a rush and ran to Adya’s room where she was still sleeping. I clutched her in my arms, hugged her and said –“My girl, you are going to whirl this world in your own unique way.”

From that day, I promised myself not to put any pressure on her, and let her choose the path of life that she dreams of, and not, what others dream for her.


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