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Play Clan’s Himanshu Dogra, “Putting Quirky Motifs On Silk Is Challenging & Fascinating”

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  •  March 9, 2017


Anantaya Décor is celebrating Holi’17 in a very sustainable manner.

Starting this month, the creative couple at Anantaya, Geetanjali & Aayush, have introduced some power designer houses that are entirely dedicated to promoting sustainable fashion and living an eco-friendly lifestyle.

This year’s Holi Edit at Anantaya is called ‘Color Play’ where PlayClan’s Himanshu Dogra, Ekaya, Princess Pea, Swati Maskeri, and Red Earth are sharing their inspiration behind their individual brilliant collections.Anantaya

From Dogra’s fun motifs on sarees in association with Ekaya to Maskeri’s fine work with silk sarees, from Tuni’s abstract art inspired colors woven in traditional techniques to Princess Pea’s artwork promoting the betterment of Indian girl child, the Holi Edit features many interesting impressions.Anantaya

During a heart-to-heart interaction with the audience, Himanshu Dogra & Swati Maskeri revealed how they’re creating a fashion which doesn’t harm our environment, at that, looks after the development of country’s traditional artisans.Anantaya

Swati began the session by saying, “I’ve been designing using silk for over ten years now. My whole idea is to connect the young urban design students with traditional craftsmen. I’ve traveled to places that are the epicenters of ancient artworks like Kutch, Bengal, Rajasthan, etc., and have been able to work in close collaboration with the third generation silk weavers and embroidery workers.  I don’t know if I am making a huge difference, but I am positively contributing towards it in some way.

It is sad to see the younger generation of these families trying to move out in search of more steady work and a sound livelihood. Convincing them to stay is another task the sustainable designers like me face, do you agree, Himanshu?

Himanshu Dogra

Himanshu Dogra & Swati Maskeri

Himanshu Dogra replied, “I often tell them that their work is in high demand and that it reflects their dignity and ideologies. These people are gifted. We’re losing on these artisans because we, in our country, don’t value the handloom as much as the West does. The demand must rise to keep their employment going.” Anantaya

Talking more about her work, Swati shared, “Weaving of a silk saree takes four days. With sarees, I get an opportunity to play with more colors, as compared to scarves which I used to do earlier. Bringing checks and ikat motifs to the silk surface is always fun.”

“Oh yes, it is! We at Play Clan seek inspiration from mythology and Indian streets, and putting these quirky motifs together on something like silk is challenging, as well as fascinating,” added Himanshu.

Be a part of ‘Color Play’ at Anantaya and visit the store before 31st March 2017.

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