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PHOTOS: 13 Of Kiran Bedi’s Acts That Made India Better

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  •  June 13, 2016


While women in our country, India, were succumbed to traditional norms of the society, Kiran Bedi went out to become the first woman to ever join the Indian Police Service. Although she is a retired police officer today, she will always be saluted for her role that has enlightened our society today. Whether it’s her liberal mindset, her unfathomable energy levels or her great sense of style, the world will never forget any of it. If there is one perfect lesson that we need to learn from Bedi, it is to be true to ourselves and our duties.

Kiran BediKiran BediLet’s take a look at the 13 exemplary acts that represent Kiran Bedi’s courage and her righteous attitude, which made us believe in our country’s system:

  1. In 1975, when Kiran Bedi was taken into the IPS cadre, she was the first woman ever to lead the police contingent during the Republic Day Parade.
  2. Crime rates decreased by 45% after just one year of Kiran Bedi’s appointment as Deputy Commissioner in Delhi (We owe this to her beat duty orders).Kiran Bedi
  3. After being shifted from the crime division to traffic division, she towed away Indira Gandhi’s car for being parked wrongly, thus “Crane Bedi” it is. Kiran Bedi
  4. As she worked in the Narcotics Bureau, she started a magazine known as “Narcotics” to make the general public aware of drug abuse.Kiran Bedi
  5. Bedi opened a bridge that was to be inaugurated by Indira Gandhi, as a solution to increasing congestion and traffic on the roads.Kiran Bedi
  6. She never took ONE privileged leave in 10 years of her career until she was posted in Goa and her daughter was critically ill.Kiran Bedi
  7. Hmars People Convention, a terrorist organization in Mizoram had surrendered to Kiran Bedi when they accepted that the police force was too strong.Kiran Bedi
  8. When working in Tihar jail, Kiran Bedi treated the 9700 inmates like humans, while the capacity was just 2500 (also, she stopped the drugs and liquor peddling). Kiran Bedi
  9. She made the inmates do yoga and opened a library to educate them so they could find a job after they are released. Kiran Bedi
  10. Her work at Tihar Jail was recognized by then US Prez Bill Clinton, she also won the Magsaysay award for her efforts.Kiran Bedi
  11. She reported at the police station at 9 a.m. to check whether the officers were on time for their duties or not (for discipline).Kiran Bedi
  12. She added the significance of sensitivity towards criminals and victims to the police curriculum and made them aware of suicides, gender sensitivity, and human rights. Kiran Bedi
  13. Kiran Bedi was the first woman to be appointed as a civilian police advisor in the United Nations. Kiran Bedi

Earlier in her career, Kiran Bedi was  despised by many politicians and her superiors, which caused her change from the crime department to the traffic and jail postings instead. Still, this did not stop her from keeping up with her values and intentions to make India a better place to live, which she did victoriously.

Let’s hope one of us is inspired to be like her, because that’s what we need.

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