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PHOTO TEASER: Apra as a mirror reflection of her Mom Neera

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  •  May 10, 2014


Let us make this campaign a tribute to dear mom. We mean, to both moms. The photo session with the 2 duos of Jaipur women – a Mother & her Daughter, and a Mother-in-law & her Daughter-in-law – is done and here we are showing you a photo teaser of how this happened! 

The campaign is called ‘Mirror Reflections’ where these mothers (in-law) and daughters (in-law) will help all of us realize that stubbornly wanting to see your own reflection upon the other’s one is the lack of wisdom.

An ocean of love dipped sentiments: Presenting the first duo – Neera Mehra & Apra Kuchhal (mother & daughter)

tn_Shoot 01The magical mirror frame was adjusted so that the lenses of our photographer Vinod Singh Gusain could catch the glimpse of the duo . …From the most hidden angles of the private conversation with a mirror reflection.

tn_Shoot 01-1

The antique gold painted mirror frame is the symbol of the by-gone time, and how this time has left its mark, while the shine of gold remains constant…just like the time spent together and the love in our hearts.

tn_Shoot 01-2

Of course, women love makeup! And Mirrors are made to reflect their beauty! Our Beauty Partner Aura Thai Spa & Salon urged us to use only natural essentials for the ritual! We have obeyed Aura’s mouth-watering ethics wholeheartedly. FYI, strawberry served us as the yummy lipstick.

tn_Shoot 01-3Why is Apra smiling? Maybe, it is a smile of her dear Mom that has reflected on her face?

tn_Shoot 01-4We encountered the most stirring moment when Neera, the mother, got tears in her eyes after Apra asked her – ‘Maa, what is the one mistake you don’t want me to repeat?’ The answer was emotional and rousing.

tn_Shoot 01-5Oh, and the red Rose was the duo’s shadow blush for rosy cheeks. Like we said, customized natural beauty products of Aura Thai Spa & Salon were the inspiration.

tn_Shoot 01-6…and so were the grapes. The Chandelier Earrings!

tn_Shoot 01-7Our team went all prepared with a personalized set of questions that Neera & Apra were to ask each other. We already can’t wait to tell you the details.

tn_Shoot 01-8Not all the preparations were done by us. Apra’s home was equally welcoming filled with lovely fragrance, warm smiles and unforgettable gestures.

tn_Shoot 01-9The mission was accomplished! Neera & Apra continued their conversation even after the shoot. A sign of old talks being revived.

The full story is coming soon!

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