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Photo Story: Mirror Reflections of Mother Neera & Daughter Apra

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  •  June 10, 2014


A mother (in-law) or a daughter (in-law) wants to see her own reflection in each other. Just like the way they see their own reflection while looking into the mirror. This proves their stubbornness of not wanting to adjust to another one. Example, the mother (in-law) wants her daughter (in-law) to be a ritualistic person, while the latter wants to see the former living in the modern times effortlessly, which is not possible either!

Through this campaign, we want women to self-check and help make this relationship more smooth and lovable. Today, we will reflect the world together with the mother-daughter duo Mrs. Neera Mehra and Apra Kuchhal with whom we shot our mother’s day special 1st series.

1_projectThe vintage gold polished mirror reminds us of the fact that old is always beautiful…just like few relationships.

2_auraAnd the mirror can’t go without few beauty rituals. That’s why Jaipur’s very own Aura Thai Spa & Salon, accompanied us in this project. Aura is a firm believer in natural beauty. Since, it is only nature that can beautify a human skin. We agree!

3_questionnaireWe did a small research study on this mother-daughter duo. We came prepared with a set of customized questions that they were supposed to ask each other.

4_thinking questnsApra took few minutes to absorb the sentiments hidden in those questions for her mother.

5.1Look! There they go, using the Kiwi Foundation. They had to mirror reflect each other. Guess, the happiness in their eyes is just doing it!

5_kiwi foundationAura Thai Spa supplied us with all the yummy cosmetics for this shoot. After all, it is Aura’s Fruit Facial that is making headlines in the city.

6_apple facial whitening‘You are my apple of the eye’ uttered both mom and daughter when they saw Apple as their next beauty tool. They softly brushed their face with it. Their smiles were brighter this time.

6.1Talking about apples, have you ever tried the Apple Facial at Aura? If you want to cheat the age in front of the mirror, go for it!

7_lipstick‘Put on some red Lipstick and live a little.’ Rightly said. And age no bar. Unconsciously, the 2 women used opposite hands to put the strawberry lipstick. Perfect reflections of each other!

7.1Aura too loves to pamper city’s women with exotic strawberry extracts facials during summers.

8_rose rougeA little pinching of rouge and their cheeks started to glow!  The smiles worn by them at this moment were more appealing and warm. Time to shoot some questions at each other, ladies!

8.1Apra did the magic subtly onto her skin. Just like the Aura experts who know how to gently provide you the Whitening Exotic Vanilla Rose Body Scrub.

9_grapes earringsAnd at the end, it was the Grapes Chandelier Earrings that adored the beauty of these women. Their tilted heads and shining smiles make just the right mirror image.

10_emotional questionApra asked her mom Neera, what was her one mistake she would never want her daughter to repeat. At that, Neera’s eyes were filled with tears and silence prevailed in the room. Neera spoke up: “Never go against your in-laws. I didn’t understand them and used to argue. After all these years, I still regret it.” Apra’s eyes were wet too as she saw her mother speaking about her past.


Apra – “Maa, being a woman you have done a great job as a mother, a daughter-in-law and as a wife. How to blend these and help evolve happy relationships?”

Neera – “If you divide yourself as a wife or mother, you will not be successful. You are a woman and this is the essence. Appreciate the woman in you and she will help you become a responsible mother and a supporting wife.”

12Apra – “Your answer holds an important & deep meaning. Give me few tips on how to remain the most beautiful woman for my husband throughout this life.” Neera – “To maintain the charm of home rests on a woman. Feel beautiful, make your living space beautiful, and surprise him with the freshness in you and your home. Every day spend together is important so don’t just let it go. Number of married years doesn’t matter; what matters is the efforts made to keep it fresh. Also a tip – never pour out your worries upon him the moment he enters home after a long day. This is a mood turn-off for men.”

Apra – “How to maintain this balance you are talking about?” Neera – “Keep a good communication among husband, in-laws and kids. Don’t let anything harm the relations. Cherish each one of them. Spread love and nurture the kids. Your values in them will help in balancing the home.”

13.1This time the last question was asked by Neera. Neera said – “Share some wisdom of a youthful soul. I think I have forgotten it with time.”


Apra – “If you insist. I believe it is the heart that should remain youthful. Age has nothing to do with the life we live. Our heart must be filled with challenges; this keeps us energetic all our life. To never cease is the mantra.”


This duo proved that a mother should have seen the younger version of herself in the mirror of her daughter’s eyes, while the later should reflect former’s traditional values and wisdom and respect them  by bringing into her life. In the end, it is the present moment that we all need to reflect in one another! Isn’t it? 

We left these beautiful mother-daughter with a gift from Aura – 1,500Rs cash voucher for the beauty spa ritual. While our ladies were staying longer with one another, enjoying the ritual of seeing each other in the mirror of the heart.  

We thank Mr. Vinod Singh Gusain for the Art of photography! Know more about this talented guy here!

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