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Part 2: Jaipur’s Stray Dogs Took JWB Around For A City Tour

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  •  October 8, 2016


Hi, I’m Poppy, the Dogger-in-chief of Jaipur Women Blog. Remember I made this very intelligent observation about stray dogs on World Tourism Day? Today, something similar happened.

Lavanya mom took me to a pet store and allowed me to select my personal favorite brand of biscuits. The one I sniffed and licked for the longest time won!

On my way back, I noticed how my stray friends were eating out of the trash cans, and so I realized my SOFT Komal mausi had failed to get the strays adopted. She marched back to the streets with new friend Help In Suffering! You go, girl! Looks like she needed another tour around the city!

Mah boys got to work, and they told her who were the real city tour guides!

Meet Bunty – MI Road’s Proxy Traffic Police

Hi, I’m Bunty. I live on the Paanch Batti traffic signal. Sometimes, when the policemen in my area are managing the traffic on the other side of the road, my job is to control the traffic with my powerful bark.

Across the street is Mc Donald’s, where many passersby often park their cars in the no-parking zone. I’m guilty of letting them go because they offer me cheesy burgers.6

There are also a few pet shops near my home, sometimes I want to visit them, too, sneak a few treats, but I guess those hairy dogs, with pretty patterns, are the only ones allowed to enter.7

So Ms. Komal, the human with biscuits, and Mr. Pallav, the man with a camera for a face, let me tell you a secret. The MI road was actually created by my ancestor Mintender or Mintu or MI. Shocked, aren’t you? So were the policemen when I told them, they quickly believed me and said, “Yeah, right.”

Meet Ghonchu, The Happiest Dog Alive

Hi, I’m Ghonchu. I have such a beautiful name, right?! The guards at the Raj Mandir cinema gave it to me. I often linger in the street behind Raj Mandir, because the front side is a tourist spot, blah blah.

Anyway, they keep the front side clean, and I’m responsible for taking care of the cleanliness of the backside of Raj Mandir. I make sure that the sweepers are doing their job right.

Sometimes, when they miss out on some spots, I’ve to clean them by peeing & hence, washing away the dirt. Come, oh strangers, I’ll show you around.5

Ah, be careful, the floor’s still wet, I cleaned it a minute ago. I see you have biscuits for me, but, that doesn’t work. It’s against my policy to give you my cleaning secrets.

No food, in fact, can encourage me to share my secrets because, you know, the trash can near my house? It is full of food people throw away, because of the small restaurant joints nearby! So, every day is a feast for me! And, you were wondering how I were so happy, eh?

Meet Bobby, The X-factor factory

Yeah, I know, I’m the coolest dog ever. I’ve heard it about a million times. My home is the sidewalk of the Rajasthan Textile Development Corporation, and many fashionistas walk past me. Even though they never realize that I exist, I’ve had quite a learning experience with them. I know how to walk, how to get any girl to drool over.3

Well, since you’re here, let me show you around. Oh, and please feed your biscuits to someone else, I only eat the chola bhatura by the stall. This area is very close to the Jal Mahal, so many people come here in the evening, some even offer me food. One road here goes up to the beautiful palace on the mountain.

It’s fascinating, right? I’ve never been there, but I’ve heard that a dog who goes there never comes back. Humans come back all the time! So, would you go there and tell me if there are people living there who adopt dogs? Because I’d want to live in a land like that!

Meet Dopechi – The high dog

How you doin’ dude? I know my eyes are red, but that’s just because I’d lit up a j. You see, living at the Jal Mahal is the most beautiful experience in the world.

Though you should’ve come a little late; it’s my naptime. I like this area because there’s a lot of free walking space. So I’m sure that the cars won’t kill me. Even at night, when I go to sleep, I’m assured that the fast-blowing wind will protect me from any mishap.1

I used to dope around in the MI road streets earlier, but then a big van came, captured me, and left me here. I miss my friend, Bunty. If you ever see him, tell him that I miss the streets of the Mintu Road.

The most beautiful thing about my home and its surroundings is the fact that in the evenings, this place is full of human beings that like to play with me. Well, they scream “shoo shoo,” try to feed me stones but always miss! Even though the stones are impossible to crack, I at least know that they care.

Well, they seem to be needing families. If you like them and want to bring them into your life and hear more of their stories, go and adopt your own pet from the  Help In Suffering, please. When you get them, don’t forget to invite me over to play. I promise I won’t steal their food… I can at least try…


Dogger-in-Chief Poppy

PS: These pictures clicked by my team will be turned into postcards and the funds generated shall be donated for dog adoption.

Photo Courtesy: Pallav Bhargava 

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