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Paraplegic Man & His Fiancé’s Pregnancy Announcement Photos Are Hilarious

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  •  February 17, 2017


After a harrowing motorbike accident left Todd Krieg paralyzed from the waist down, the doctors told him that it would be nearly impossible for him to have children.

But, the Universe works in mysterious ways and his fiancé’s pregnancy is proof of it.

Defying all odds, Todd’s fiancé, Amanda Diesen is pregnant and the couple has shared this news with the world through a heartwarming photoshoot.img_2 (1)

They posted a picture of Amanda holding an ultrasound and Todd giving her a thumbs up with the background wall message that reads, “It still works!”

img_1 (1)

Interestingly, Kreig met Diesen while staying in the recovery center in California last year, after the horrific accident. Amanda was his therapist and they fell in love.

“Todd had a crush on me and called me the ‘cute therapist,’ and I found him so handsome but was so afraid to be unprofessional and hit on a client,” Diesen wrote.

But, Diesen couldn’t say no when Todd proposed her on phone. And the rest is history!


The couple got engaged 3 weeks ago, and now, they are trying to win their dream wedding through Brides Live Wedding 2017. You can, too, vote for them, here.img_7

Here’re some more heartwarmingly happy pictures from their photoshoot:img_6 (1)

img_5 (1)

img_4 (1)

img_3 (1)img_8

You can see their entire album, here.

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