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PALLAVI’S EXPERIENCE: Dressing Someone Like Never Before

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  •  March 15, 2014

You have read Mrs. Seema Agarwal’s diary how she felt after the Day 1 of her Makeover campaign with designer Pallavi Jaipur. Pallavi is counseling Seema about style and fashion keeping in mind, Seema’s choices and profession but also at the same time helping her come out of the limitations that she may have been living under all these years. Pallavi is supposed to put off any limitations which hinder the way Seema dresses up by counseling her like a friend.

Pallavi Jaipur shares her experience with us about how she felt after this day 1.
“What better can you dream of other than doing well in your career and simultaneously making good causes in society via your work? When about 3 weeks back I decided to support and contribute towards this social cause along with Jaipur Women Blog, I knew this is going to be one of my best decisions.

I was quite confused as what I will dress her into. Whomever I have dressed before, I am generally acquainted with their styles like in case of actors, but today I was meeting Seema for the 1st time. I was aware of her story still I requested her to tell me from beginning because listening from her would help me clear my vision about her life deeply. Eventually this vision would help me design her clothes considering her choice and profession.

DSC_0931 copy
During this time, I noticed few qualities in Seema. The moment I saw her, I could see how calm she is – soft spoken and smiling. This broke the ice between us and I could feel my confusion vanish. From many days, I had been hand picking clothes from my collection for her and I am happy I could show them. Her personality is such that didn’t restrict me. We two just went with the flow.

As a teacher, she is an enthusiastic woman and is ready to take trials. I could hardly remember a design of mine that she said she didn’t want to try. Yes, Palazzo pants were a different case all together. Luckily I cracked that too! But for rest of the styles, she readily agreed and tried them. She proved her confidence in me, and that’s the greatest gift any fashion designer can get.

And what I personally learnt from her is that she is so humble even after so many sufferings that she has gone through. Even when she has to say ‘no’, she would say it in the softest tone and this has personally been a lesson for me. I absolutely loved meeting her and I am surely going to keep in touch with this woman of substance.”

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