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Overheard Conversations of Mentoring Walk 2015

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  •  March 9, 2015


March 8, International Women’s Day, was rather special for Jaipur city. Along with women of 73 cities of 55 countries, our city’s women marched together to be a part of Global Mentoring Walk. Initiated by Vital voices, this campaign was introduced to our city by Archana Surana of the Arch Academy few years back. The mission of Mentoring Walk is to empower women of every age and field with the help of guidance from the established women mentors.

Just like the bright sun, 60 Jaipur women accompanied by few international women delegates, rose with vibrant energy at 7 in the morning. Forming many pairs of mentor-mentee, they seemed eager to interact with one another during their 45 mints walk around the Central Park. As soon as Archana Surana explained the concept of mentorship, the women started moving with their ‘other half’.

Want to know what these mentor-mentee pairs talked about? Jaipur Women Blog’s team overheard their talks, read below:

1. Mentor: Kulsum Malik, Mentee: Priyanka

(left to right) Team JWB with Kulsum Malik and her mentee

(left to right) Team JWB with Kulsum Malik and her mentee

Kulsum is a successful entrepreneur who created the chain of ‘Kaya Kalp’ beauty salon in Rajasthan. A 20-something Priyanka wants to be an entrepreneur too starting her own designing line. Let’s see what guidance she gets from Kulsum Malik:

Kulsum – You cannot achieve anything if you lack dedication. I still remember working during my labor pain when I was pregnant with my second child. I was aware of my responsibilities and couldn’t leave work when the clients put their complete trust on me.

Priyanka – But then sometimes we lack motivation. What shall be done during those difficult moments?DSC_0073 copy

Kulsum – Remind yourself of your passion, your dream. Each day is crucial and you must make the most of it. Also, remember one cannot achieve anything without the support of a good team.

Priyanka – You still sound so ambitious.

Kulsum – Sky is my limit.


2. Mentor: Ranoo Srivastava, Mentee: Ashma Agarwal

(left to right) Team JWB with Ranoo Srivastava and her mentee

(left to right) Team JWB with Ranoo Srivastava and her mentee

Ashma is an Arch student and looks forward to starting her own business of jewelry in Jaipur. Though her family is in the same business, Ashma wants to carve her own niche. Let’s see how Ranoo, an established Jewelry Entrepreneur, guides her:

Ranoo – I am highly impressed by your wish to achieve your dream without any support from the family. However, as a naive artist, you must keep in mind the pros and cons of any business. Not all the time you will taste the flavor of success. There will be many ups and downs.

Ashma – What kind of?

Ranoo – The competition is very high. Every 5th woman in Jaipur is into jewelry making. Agree? Make sure your designs are not the regular ones.

Ashma – How did you fight the competition in Geneva, which is considered as one of the biggest hubs of gemstones and jewelry? DSC_0093 copy

Ranoo – It is true that I started my business in Geneva. I was successful winning the hearts of many loyal clients because I dealt in Rajasthani jewelry which was not very common in Geneva at that time.

Ashma – I must find my X-factor and work on it.

Ranoo – Absolutely!


3. Mentor: Nidhi Agarwal, Mentee: Priyanshi

(right to left) Team JWB with Nidhi Agarwal and her mentee

(right to left) Team JWB with Nidhi Agarwal and her mentee

Nidhi is an ex-banker and presently a Consultant at KPMG. Priyanshi is a Chartered Accountant. Both these ladies were talking about the life of a woman working in the corporate world.

Nidhi – Try breaking the news of your pregnancy to your boss and see how quickly he might lose confidence in you. They think a married or pregnant woman is less efficient than a single woman.

Priyanshi – Sadly, this scenario is mostly seen in our Indian society. And that’s why every MNC or govt. portal gives preference to male workers.

Mentee and Nidhi Agarwal

Mentee and Nidhi Agarwal

Nidhi – Comparatively yes. But the reality is women are way too efficient than men. They are the world-class Managers. To maintain a work-life balance might sound easy, but actually it is not. Women do face difficulties giving their 100% to work, family and self.

Priyanshi – But things can be made easy with immense family support.

Nidhi – Also if parents determine to give a quality education to their daughter. An educated mother can help break many societal stereotypes, hence, bringing a huge change in her family.


4. Mentor: Dr. Alka Gaur, Mentee: Babita Wadhwani

Babita Wadhwani with her mentor Dr. Alka Gaur

Babita Wadhwani with her mentor Dr. Alka Gaur

Holding hands and walking together were Alka, a dentist, and Babita, a social-worker.

Dr. Alka – I am holding her hand so that we can make the conversation touch our hearts.

Babita – This is one of the useful advices from a doctor.

Dr. Alka – Though, I am the mentor, I really want to know how I can be a part of some NGO.

Babita – I am associated with the child helpline. It depends on what kind of service appeals to you so that you can give your heart to it.DSC_0133 copy

Dr. Alka – I have been providing dental treatments to the women of a village near Makrana in very nominal rates. They share their problems with me before checkup and only after that I begin their treatment. I have realized how much these women miss being heard.

Babita – You’re already doing great social work, my dear!


5. Mentor: Archana Jain, Mentee: Sonam Gupta

(left to right) team JWB with Archana Jain and her mentee

(left to right) team JWB with Archana Jain and her mentee

Archana is a Dietician practicing for last 20 yrs. Sonam is a girl in her mid 20s who wants to reduce weight.

Archana – But why do you want to reduce weight at this age, all of a sudden?

Sonam – I am at a marriageable age and according to the family, I must reduce weight in order to get a suitable match.

Archana – I think your focus is to reduce weight to get married, which is not correct. That means you are at a high level to regain extra weight after marriage.

Sonam – Actually, I haven’t thought of it yet. It is just that the pressure is so much I had to start working out.

Archana – Important is to keep eating healthy and understanding which food suits your body type.

Sonam – Is it good to follow a strict diet like the GM diet?

Archana – No way. It is a short term weight loss method and is very tough to follow. By keep eating healthy and doing little exercise every day, you will be steadily able to maintain a fit body and it will last forever.

JWB – Most importantly, you must learn to love yourself the way you are before finding someone who loves your every form.

Sonam – So true!

Look at these enthusiastic women, full of confidence and an urge to learn more. Mentoring Walk has truly proved to be a catalyst towards women development.

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