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NAZIA’S EXPERIENCE: ‘We both will emerge 10 times stronger ‘

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  •  March 21, 2014


You have already read how Mrs. Seema Agarwal feels about her Day 2 Makeover at Riviere Salon! It’s time we talk to Ms. Nazia Ali, the owner of Riviere Unisex Beauty Salon in Banipark where the Day 2 Beauty Makeover took within our campaign ‘I am a Woman, not a Woe-Man’.


Nazia herself is a woman of metal who has undergone hardships of divorce and later emerged out victorious by starting up her own beauty salon in Jaipur. To stand on her own, Nazia got herself trained under renowned names in beauty industry of India. She has built a strong and talented team for her salon which is getting eminent for their supreme quality work, hence attracting many loyal customers. Let us read the other side of story – the experience of the woman who is responsible to give Seema an unbelievable beauty makeover.


tn_DSC_1812“I connected with Seema ji immediately considering her life is quite similar to mine – that of a single woman living with harsh rules of the society. The only difference is I am a divorcee. When I learnt about Jaipur Women Blog’s movement for women like us, I said yes at the 1st place without even knowing about Seema ji. What I liked most about her is that she is a silent revolution, which I am not. She has been a fighter all these years but without making any noise. I loved the way she has nurtured her 2 daughters, it must have been difficult for her.

She oozes innocence and her smile is willful. After seeing her, I felt as if I were looking at my own reflection that I had to help stand with more strength. My idea is to give her a makeover that will revive her overall personality of a caring mother and sincere educator. Working on her is surely going to be a breakthrough for me as well, because today I felt as if I was beautifying my own soul…a soul just like me. I hope by the end of her beauty makeover, we both will emerge 10 times stronger than we are today.”

Read the story of Mrs. Seema Agarwal to discover her determination to be a Woman, not a Woe-Man!  Don’t miss what Mrs. Seema thinks about this Day 1 Makeover.

Discover with a click art of our brilliant Photographer Mr. Vinod Singh Gusain who captured the moments of the make-over project.

Visit Riviere Salon yourself at AC-4, Opp. Jila Parishad Sawai Jai Singh Highway, Bani Park.

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