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Muslim Women Are Strong, Liberated And Awakened, Says Visual Artist Haafiza Sayed

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  •  June 16, 2018

In this era, women, especially Muslim women, are facing a horde of injustice and stereotypes. They are often presented as the very symbol of backwardness but that’s not true. They are bold, creative, courageous, diverse, and dynamic- a fact that visual artist Haafiza Sayed tries to depict in her latest painting.

“My Muslim woman is amongst the millions of unsung and often ignored Muslim women in global societies. These are women that are strong, liberated, awakened in all senses, exercising their rights, voicing their opinions; they are the leaders, educators, doctors, writers, artist, activists and so on,” she said.

Haafiza Sayed

legacies of color …

Haafiza Sayed

” Looking back in gratitude” -oil on canvas

Haafiza lives and works in Dubai but was born and raised in Mumbai, India. She regularly exhibits her work in various exhibitions, art fairs in UAE, and on International Museum of Women’s website. Her work till now speaks of her personal life, her beliefs as a feminist, her inner journeys and the socio-political tapestry of contemporary life, trying to use the canvas of human emotions and experiences to make her work relatable.

H/T: Global Fund For Women and W2W Events


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