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Mrs. Swarnrekha Saini stands as a Sugar pot

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  •  December 3, 2014


You know about our diabetes awareness campaign – ‘Stand as a Sugar-pot’ in association with Baidyanath Sugarfree Chyawanprash – Chyawan Vit, where many courageous diabetic women of the Pink city are coming forward to declare their daily victory over diabetes.

Today we are presenting our next conversation with a brave diabetic woman – Mrs. Swarnrekha Saini – who is winning over diabetes each day! See, how Swarnrekha stands like a sugar pot becoming a source of inspiration for her diabetic husband.

As you know, we have asked each diabetic woman’s family to show their support by painting a white sugar-pot.


JWB – We can see a stunning sugar-pot on the table at the corner.
Swarnrekha – Thank you, my daughter Charvi has done it. She paints. She said she dedicates this art-work to me for being a nice mother and staying strong like a pillar for her father.

JWB – That’s sweet of her. When were you diagnosed with type 2 diabetes?
Swarnrekha – A year ago.

JWB – And how did you react?
Swarnrekha – I took it as a slow poison.

JWB – Why is that so?
Swarnrekha – The pain and tiredness along with the thought of decreasing immunity was too much for me.
JWB – Do you still have this perception?

Swarnrekha – No. With time I have understood this illness can be controlled unlike other life-threatening ones.
JWB – Your husband is also diabetic. Who inspires whom for daily efforts to defeat diabetes?

DSC_2671Swarnrekha – He is a businessman and has very less time for the self. It is me who has to look after both of us.
JWB – And how do you manage?
Swarnrekha – Let me be very truthful, without the help at home I cannot balance 2 diabetic lives.

JWB – Please elaborate the kind of support at home.
Swarnrekha – The servants at home is the biggest support. Major household tasks are in their hands. Along with this, my 3 kids take care of things I cannot handle or things that give me stress. They do their best to keep me away from mental disharmony.

DSC_2664JWB – That’s wonderful. So that means your family does everything to make you stand like a sugar-pot!
Swarnrekha – However, I wish they stop eating pastries and cakes infront of me.

DSC_2683JWB – At that, tell us about your eating habits.
Swarnrekha – I absolutely avoid eating maida, rice and fruits like banana and grapes. I always cook in olive oil, chapattis are prepared in multi-grain flour, and I eat lots of salad. Dinner is always minimal.

JWB – Any physical efforts?
Swarnrekha – I do 1 hour yoga every daily.
JWB – Do you think menopause and diabetes can affect one-another?
Swarnrekha – Hormonal change affects diabetes. It can be about tiredness and memory loss. Women should take utmost care.

DSC_2656JWB – Your advice for our diabetic readers.
Swarnrekha – Eat timely. NEVER skip the breakfast. Staying hungry is dangerous as it makes the insulin fall down even more.

DSC_2669JWB – Any regret because of diabetes?
Swarnrekha – I wish I could donate blood to needy people. I really wish.
JWB – This pack of Sugar Free Chyavanprash – Chyawan Vit is a reward for your efforts from Baidyanath.

Swarnrekha – Thank you very much. Talk with you has further boosted my spirits up.
This is how Swarnrekha Saini stands as a sugar pot – brave and determined – to defeat diabetes every day.

DSC_2688Swarnrekha denies giving up infront of her newly found illness – diabetes. She is head-strong to not let diabetes take a toll on her and husband’s life. Are you?

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