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Mrs. Seema Agarwal stands as a Sugar Pot

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  •  December 1, 2014


Meet our 4th brave Jaipur woman – Mrs. Seema Agarwal – who is winning over diabetes each day! This conversation is under our campaign – ‘Stand as a Sugar Pot’, a health initiative taken in association with Baidyanath Sugarfree Chyawanprash – Chyawan Vit. Our purpose is to motivate Jaipur diabetics while telling real life experiences of 6 diabetic women from different backgrounds who handle their diabetes effectively.

Campaign ‘Stand as a Sugar Pot’ signifies to stand with both hands on waist displaying victory over diabetes.

DSC_2596Here, Mrs. Seema Agarwal will share how living in the joint family helps her stand as a sugar pot.

JWB – Hello, Seema. We’ve heard your family is full of artists.As you know, we have asked each diabetic woman’s family to show their support by painting the white sugar-pot. Where is yours?

DSC_2524Seema – It is still under process. My brother-in-law’s daughter-in-law, Divya, is completing it.

DSC_2532Divya – Since Baidyanath is the partner for this valuable campaign, and it focuses on natural health remedies, I have decided to give the nature’s touch to this sugar-pot.

JWB – Wow, go on!

DSC_2531Divya started painting green leaves on the top of sugar-pot. With confident hand of the artist, she was slowly stroking the paint-brush against the white surface of the lid. Meanwhile, her 3 yr old daughter Kenisha showed enthusiasm to contribute.

DSC_2533Divya – Chachi, I will draw the park where we take you for walks.

Seema – Okay, dear.

DSC_2549Divya – And Kenisha, I will draw the swing for you.DSC_2555Kenisha nodded while she was exploring the bottle of Baidyanath’s Chyawanprash. She asked: “Is it yours?”DSC_2523Kenisha – We will together eat dadi-ma.DSC_2552We loved it how three generations together was enjoying the task. Indeed, the sugar-pot came out really well.

DSC_2553JWB – Seema, when were you diagnosed with diabetes?

Seema – It’s been 6 yrs now.

DSC_2591JWB – Do you take insulin?

Seema – Yes, I am type 2 and have to take insulin twice a day.

DSC_2589JWB – Has it been tough on you?

Seema – Not really, except when there is a wound and it takes longer to heal. Also, the skin dries up frequently, and sometimes I have joint pain.

DSC_2571JWB – But then, since you live in a joint family, the load must be less.

Seema – Definitely, it helps a lot. Being with family is an advantage. The work gets divided, and I get more time for self care.

DSC_2521JWB – Has diabetes changed your relationship with husband?

DSC_2595Seema – He discourages me to fast on karwa-chauth. His caring and loving side became more intense. Since he knows I love mangoes, he helps me cheat on health at times.

JWB – Really? That’s dangerously lovable.DSC_2580At that, everyone burst out laughing.

JWB – Tell us about food you avoid eating.

DSC_2567Seema – Ghee, sugar, cakes, sweets, fruits, artificial juices and rice.

Divya – And nuts. She eats them, but just for required vitamins, not in excess.

DSC_2575JWB – If the cure for diabetes is found next week, how would your life change?

Seema – Tremendously. Apart from feeling healthy, I will not be worried about my kids. It is hereditary, so I have a fear in my mind.

DSC_2587JWB – What advice you have for our diabetic readers?

Seema – If you cannot find time to go out for walks, at least see what you are eating. Doing household chores is a physical exercise in itself, but eating healthy contributes a lot.

DSC_2566DSC_2563Note that! Share with us your tips in the comments below.

DSC_2597PS – This is how Seema Agarwal stands as a sugar pot – brave and determined – to defeat diabetes every day.

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