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Mrs. Sarita Agarwal stands as a Sugar Pot

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  •  November 28, 2014


Are you liking our conversations with Jaipur based diabetic women under our campaign ‘Stand as a Sugar Pot’. The initiative, in association with Baidyanath Sugarfree Chyawanprash – Chyawan Vit, is to spread awareness and take inspiration from these women’s lives on controlling diabetes on a daily basis.
For us, to stand like a sugar-pot means to stand victorious over diabetes with a posture of both hands on waist. After meeting Mrs. Rekha and Mrs. Anuja, it is time we meet Mrs. Sarita Agarwal to learn how she is winning over this medical condition.


JWB – Hello, Sarita. Tell us about your diabetes.
Sarita – I have type-2 diabetes and was diagnosed 8 yrs back. Since, my parents were diabetic, I was always regular with check-ups to see if I had developed the symptoms. Somehow, I was mentally prepared.

JWB – How is life with diabetes?
Sarita – Absolutely normal. On the contrary, I am more health conscious now.

JWB – Being a single parent and living alone at home while the two kids are at work, how do you manage to deal with diabetic issues?
Sarita – I know I am responsible for my own health. There are times I feel like eating things that are not good for my blood sugar, but then I control.

JWB – So you are never tempted too much.
Sarita – Saying this would be not right. At times I do give in to my favorite food – sweets! But few small bites satisfy my craving.
JWB – And then?

Sarita – And then I keep a strict check in the coming days to balance the sugar level.
JWB – And how do you manage kitchen, considering everyone’s choices that you cannot eat?
Sarita – We are 3 in family so generally I cook 3 types of veggies for all of us. That’s not tough for me.

JWB – Which food do you consider healthy for you?
Sarita – Lots of green vegetables.
JWB – What do you think the worst thing about diabetes is?
Sarita – Ah, the mood swings.

JWB – Very bad?
Sarita – I am fortunate that my kids understand my patience level during such times.
JWB – By the way, show us the sugar pot your kids have painted!


As you know, we have asked each diabetic woman’s family to show their support by painting the white sugar-pot. We were eager to know about this one.

Sarita – My daughter Garima has drawn this park view. She is the one motivating me to go for walks and do yoga.

JWB – Beautiful. Is she a painter?
Sarita – It’s her hobby. Like she pursues me to do exercise, I have been asking her to follow her passion of art.
JWB – Actually walks are the simplest and most effective way to stay fit. Morning walks are so healthy with fresh air around.

Sarita – It’s good for human being to stay close to nature. Whether it is food or exercise, the more natural it is, the better. I am glad the name like Baidyanath Chyawanprash is holding campaigns like this one.
JWB – Right. So now we have a fun question for you. Imagine if your diabetes just disappears tomorrow, how will your life change?

Sarita – The first thing I would do is to hog on every ice-cream and Indian sweet. And while I am busy eating, I don’t want ANYONE to stop me.

JWB – Aww. Any advice for our women readers who have diabetes?
Sarita – If you crave, treat yourself with little something. But make sure you balance that in next meals.


This is how Sarita Agarwal stands as a sugar pot – brave and determined – to defeat diabetes every day. Mrs. Sarita’s idea to balance blood sugar after a little sweet-treat for self is smart. Are you good at balancing? Tell us!

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