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Mrs. Anuja Singh stands as a Sugar pot

  • IWB Post
  •  November 26, 2014


JWB is back with its signature series of dialogues with Jaipur women. This time we are talking about one of the most loathed medical condition – Diabetes – that, we think, overtakes a person’s life. Get ready to change your insight with our campaign ‘Stand as a Sugar Pot’ in association with Baidyanath Sugarfree Chyawanprash – Chyawan Vit.


To stand like a sugar pot is metaphorically connected with an authoritative posture that displays victory over something. Towards this campaign, we met 6 diabetic Jaipur women telling us how each day they are winning over their diabetes, and if it has altered their life in anyway.

Also, each woman’s family was given sugar pots to be painted by their family members showcasing their support for the diabetic woman in their family.


To begin with, let’s meet Mrs. Anuja Singh. We want to see what makes Anuja stand victorious like a sugar-pot with hands on waist as if she has won over something! Anuja is a family woman who also loves traveling. Let us get encouraged by her way of living.


JWB – Is it difficult to go out when you have type-1 diabetes, since maintaining regular insulin shots is required? 

Anuja – No! The stress is in the mind and most of the happy decisions come from the heart. I take precautions but never strategy things that can become hurdle to happy plans.

JWB – When were you diagnosed with diabetes?

Anuja – Almost 21 yrs ago.

JWB – How did you react?

Anuja – I was confused, because I never knew any such thing existed. After that, I went to the libraries and studied a lot about diabetes.


JWB – And then?

Anuja – And then I started noticing the symptoms in me that were written in the books. I was becoming very moody and started developing another medical condition of hydromania as a result of diabetes.

JWB – How did it affect your personal life?

Anuja – I lost my 1st child in the womb because of this.


JWB – Talk about the life after that.

Anuja – Then we were blessed with 2 girls in later years. Life is beautiful now. Everyone supports me, and most importantly, understands me during my breakdowns.


And here is the proof of loving support in this funky bright sugar port decorated by her family . We really love it, and you?


JWB – Has diabetes affected your relationship with husband?


Anuja – He is the one who is always taking care of my timely insulin shots and medicines. I love chocolates, so he brings me sugar-free chocolates. He is very caring.


JWB – And now we brought for you Baidyanath Sugarfree Chyawanprash. Mr. Singh, promise us to give her a spoon of love twice daily! And yes, what about physical workout?

Mr. Singh – I go for a walk daily, but she doesn’t want to accompany me.

JWB – Mrs. Singh…


Anuja – Because my maid comes at the same time he goes for exercise.

JWB – So, that means the physical workout is nil?

Mr. Singh – No, no. She does dusting, cooking, helps maid in other household tasks. This way she does the trick.

JWB – That’s good. We are sure your focus must be healthy eating. Tell us more about it.

DSC_2797 copy

Anuja – Yes, since I do not do rigorous physical workout, I take a pleasing breakfast. This constitutes of cornflakes or 2 chapattis or egg, etc.

JWB – Are you a foodie? We guess so.

Anuja – Absolutely. If I had no diabetes, I would have been hogging on every eatable. (laughs)


JWB – And is there anything else apart from food that you think has been stopped because of diabetes.

Anuja – I want to travel alone. My family always accompanies me while traveling. They make sure I don’t starve, but sometimes I feel because of diabetes I have lost my freedom.

JWB – Go on…

Anuja – I want to travel with my friends or absolutely alone to some places.


JWB – Amen. Lastly, any advice for our readers?

Anuja – If you are also type-1, take insulin shot as if you are taking the 1st bite of your food. Thisway, you will never miss its significant benefits.

DSC_2820Anuja is a winner and stands proud like a sugar-pot. Did JWB’s this campaign inspired you in any way? Let us know in the comments below!

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