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Mr. Rakesh Panwar Claims To Be A Greedy Husband. Find Out Why!

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  •  October 30, 2015


Nayaab Jewels and Jaipur Women Blog have joined forces to create a brilliant, yet mischievous campaign called “Imperfect Husbands”. Husbands are oh-so lovable, but there are times when their wives would love to push them off a cliff. They are forgetful, greedy, conservative, cheating, and what not! Some of you maybe already aware of it, as our imperfect husbands have been doing rounds of the Jaipur print media too. One such husband is Mr. Rakesh Panwar, who claimes to be full of greed! 

We met Mr. Rakesh Panwar, JWB’s rockstar Komal Panwar’s father. You might remember her from the article we featured, on her super cool band called ‘Fragile Silence‘! Mr. Panwar has been branded as an imperfect husband and a  ‘Greedy’ one, on top of that! Our mission was to meet Mr. Panwar and find out exactly what made him greedy.

Our meeting took place at a hip local joint. Mr. Panwar was enveloped by a peculiar sense of calmness that could make a thunder storm come to a standstill. His tongue was laced with soft, kind words and nothing but praises for the woman he fell in love with in 1985. He quietly sipped on his masala-shikanji and together we undertook a journey across 30 long years he spent with his wife Vidhya. He recalls:_MG_1505

“I can distinctly remember the first day you joined our bank, and how mesmerized you left me. I know that I, too, can be a forgetful husband at times, but the memory of that day is crystal clear in my head. After all, my life took a 360 degree turn after that day! You were clad in a very simple salwaar-kameez, sans makeup. Your decency and simplicity made my heart flutter at an embarrassing rate. Without an iota of doubt, I knew you were the woman I needed to spend the rest of my life with.

Yes, I’m greedy. I spend a lot of time at work to earn a living for our family. But it’s because I’m very greedy when it comes to making you happy. I love to buy presents for you, because you never buy anything for yourself. You can shop tirelessly and endlessly for me and our two daughters, but never for yourself.

Yes, I’m greedy. I don’t share.  I will never share my grief with you, only happiness. What’s mine is yours, except for all the problems. I took a vow to make you happy at all times, and I intend to keep it. _MG_1537

Yes, I’m a greedy husband. I hate it when we’re together at home, and you choose to play ‘Candy Crush’ on your mobile phone, instead of spending time with me.  I’m so very greedy for your time and attention. I need your presence in life at all times, because you make me so very happy.

Yes, I’m greedy for you. You’re an utterly selfless and a complete woman, who has an excellent capability to juggle work and home perfectly._MG_1566

Yes, I’m greedy for the delicious food you cook. Ican absolutely kill for the delicious chicken you cook for the family,  even though you don’t like to! But, I love it even more when you take command at work and perform brilliantly.

I still remember, 28 years back, we couldn’t take that trip to Manali  because you fell ill on the last leg of the holiday. I’m still greedy to take that vacation with you, and I wish to travel the world with you.  IMG_1490

I have always been greedy for our children’s love. The memory of the birth of our children is still fresh in my mind. We have taken every step together in their upbringing, and I have loved you through them all.

I appreciate your efforts of reminding me all the birthdays and anniversaries of all our relatives, and you never make me look bad. I think every husband is a forgetful one!_MG_1528

I believe everything in life is temporary. We need to be happy with the present, and I’m so greedy with my life, because of you.

Yes, I’m proud to be greedy. I’m greedy for all the moments that I have spent with you, and for all those which I’m yet to. I’m greedy for your love and support. I’m greedy for you.  _MG_1543

Vidhya, thank-you for being so greedy for me too and keeping a karwa-chauth vrat every year for me.” 

Photo courtesy: Nupur Agarwal

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