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MEGHA RATORE: she does not play dolls anymore

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  •  April 16, 2014


To represent all the youngsters of Jaipur and the zeal of all the first-voters, we had the youngest and also the brightest participant of Shelection Campaign. She is an 18 years old college girl, Megha Rathore, President & Founder of Xavier’s Debating Society.


For the photo session organized by Nayaab Jewels, Megha arrived a bit late and missed her time slot. She apologized for the same and landed quietly in the corner, while our team was busy with the eldest contestant, Mrs. Kamal. Maybe, it was predestined to happen this way. Just imagine the clash and contrast of vibes flowing in the room. The youngest and the oldest women met together, realizing the unspoken relationship of womanhood.

tn_DSC_4548tn_DSC_4580And there in the corner of the room, backing against Nayaab jewellery display, the volcano of the youthful vigour was sleeping, until… it got erupted with teen’s giggles and laughs during the make-up session.

“I have never applied make-up on my face. I am a sort of Tom Boy,” Megha protested. Our make-up artist had to undergo the test of the teenager’s perfectionism.


She was done with the high grade, by the way, so did the Black Gemstone Ring of Nayaab. It claimed the attention to its extreme and radical persona on Megha’s left hand, while a puppet armed with belan and trishool was put on the forefinger of her right hand.



The Megha’s volcano of the passionate temper and boiling energy had erupted with sparkles of diamonds, while she was dynamically improvising on the stage. Our team called this part “COOL!” See yourself!





When she imitated shooting the invisible target with trishool-belan weapon of her puppet, we couldn’t ask her about the importance of 49% women share & its responsibility in selecting the new government. She replied fervently:

“Despite of being a democratic nation, India is still bound by the shackles of an authoritarian set up for women. This time 49% of women share has brought to their notice that finally the women of India are independent, and their vote is not just another one from the family, it is in fact their own call as a community. We, as women, are now entitled to the duty. Our duty is to awaken the power of 49%!”

She geared up for more zealous expressions and creative postures. Tease of the young age was at its peak!


JWB: What one issue would you put as number 1 in your election agenda?

Megha:  As a student I have faced the brunt of reservations. I would not want other students to get disheartened because of this unjust policy which is straight away against our very right to equality mentioned in the constitution. My number one agenda would be EQUALITY IN EDUCATION.


This was when Megha raised her left hand straight vertically and imitated a rocket breaking through towards the stars. It was a powerful message to all the young women. A sparkle fell from Nayaab black gemstone ring. It blinked faraway. And Megha aims to reach the shine.


See what she said in our interaction further, when we asked her, “One question you would put up to the PM candidate in a personal meeting?”

And showing us the power of expression, she said, “Would you send your daughter/sister without security to a Delhi pub at 8 in the night? If not, what do you have for us to change it?”

tn_DSC_4624 tn_DSC_4625

Hmm! Now the professional qualities of a debater had been exposed.

JWB: What one problem in Jaipur/ Rajasthan you look forward to be resolved after these elections?

Megha: Traffic management. (She replied audaciously)

JWB: By the way, was this too the reason of coming late, Megha? (All started laughing.)


As much as we peeped inside her, we loved the way she is. At the age of 18 she had a great sense of keenness & responsibility.  Well going Megha!

JWB: What level of individual independence does a woman achieves in her decision to vote?

Megha: By voting, a woman is not only declaring her importance but also actively deciding the future of the whole nation! This goes beyond any decision that a woman can make for the country! To have the freedom to decide your vote irrespective of any outside influence what-so-ever is the mark of a truly independent and strong lady.

Yes! And we see all these marks in you too!


JWB: Women are multi-taskers and great home managers. What home management lesson can women teach candidates for running our country?

Megha: The typical Indian housewife always uses funds very wisely and selflessly. No matter how less the income may be, she always manages everyone’s needs accordingly and amazingly. Perhaps, our politicians could learn how to better utilize the taxes they receive from us and how to use them selflessly.

Her thoughts were the mirror of her heart. Her concerned view about the status of women in India was very insightful & heart melting. As the conversation went on, we found how deep she is connected to a common woman.

JWB: Rajasthan is being ruled by women as the Mayor, the Governor and the Chief Minister. Do you see any changes in life of a woman next door?

Megha: I definitely take the pride in saying that Rajasthan is being majorly governed by women, but I feel the utmost sadness at their prime failure in bringing about the vital change in the condition of our women. I don’t see any major change or relief in the state of a common woman.


JWB: How can their voices be heard?

Megha: Education in the first place provides a woman with the tools to form an opinion. Hence, education is the first most essential in my list. Every voice needs a channel. Here comes the role of media. It is the various forms of media that enable a woman to communicate to the authorities and helps in building pressure on the government for reasonable demands. Hence, media is another important essential helping women to make their voices heard. Last and the most important, a woman’s will ! If I am not aware of my power, not determined to bring about the change, nothing will happen. A woman’s voice will be only heard when she makes one! Only a voice made is a voice heard!”

Is there anything that could stop Megha to move forward? We think nothing!

JWB:  What is a right definition of freedom for women according to you?

Megha:  Freedom for women in India would be a state in which a female can exercise full autonomy of decisions, be it personal – like her right to wear what she wants; or public, like her right to stand up and speak against the crowd of a thousand men and be respected for her opinion. When she won’t be judged as the inferior, when our society will break away from the shackles of unreasonable traditions that demand our ladies to live and die dependent on others.


Read about Shelection Campaign.

We thank Mr. Vinod Singh Gusain for catching every intimidating moment in his lenses. Visit his page to see the photography art.

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