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Meet Tubby Ghodeshwar, The Travel Dog Who’s Head Over Paws For Ladakhi Four-Legged Babes!

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  •  May 26, 2017


Mr. Tubby was just a month old when the Ghodeshwar family decided to bring him home. A mix of Labrador and Pointer, Tubby was love at first sight for the family of four. But little did the four-legged with curious puppy eyes know that he had stepped into a family that couldn’t do without its traveling expedition. And hence began Tubby’s own pawsome travel diary.



We spoke to 8-year-old doggo Tubby and his 22-year-old sister, Nayantara Ghodeshwar, about the adventures they have had together

I see Tubby having a Facebook page. Does he enjoy the attention?

He is the first furbaby in our entire family and is extremely pampered. I call him the attention-seeker. On his page, you can see many pictures of the places he had been to. You know, he likes it when someone hits ‘Like’ or comments on his posts! Ha-ha!

Which places has he been to so far?

Honestly, we’ve lost the count. To name a few – Lahaul & Spiti valley, Ladakh, Pangong Lake, Nubra Valley, Khardung La pass, Mumbai, Shimla, Manali, Kalpa, Reckong Peo, Gujarat, Daman & Diu, Kasauli, Kausani, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Ranikhet, Nahan, Shirdi, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Nainital and most parts of Madhya Pradesh.

collage_1 collage_2 collage_4

Phew, that was a big list! Does he like adventure? What is the most daring activity he did on a holiday?

Apart from accompanying us at the Khardung La pass which is the world’s highest motorable road i.e. 1800ft high, he has gone to a place with -1 degree Celsius temperature. This place, with an altitude of 14ft, is not suitable for dogs of lower altitudes. While we were complaining about the wicked frostiness, he was hopping here and there showing his joy as he got to play in the snow.collage_5

Share important tips of how we can make the travel happy for our dogs. 

First and foremost, never take a risk with their food. You never know if the place you’re going to keeps food suitable for a dog’s health. Second, carry lots of water, especially if you are traveling during the summer. Keep giving them water, even if they show no interest. You don’t want them to suffer from dehydration.

Also, if you’re traveling by road, make sure you take breaks every 2-3 hours and let the pet relax, stretch and do the business. I would suggest you take your car or hire a taxi instead of trains or airplanes. Their joy of getting to look out of the car window, enjoying the breeze while their ears flow in the air is tremendous. traveling with dog

Do you give him medicines before you start the journey?

Never. Instead, to keep his mood jolly, we give him food that he likes the most. You can call it the ‘cheat food.’ Tubby loves bread crumbs dipped in milk. If your dog suffers from nausea the first time, I suggest you meet the veterinary doctor before the second venture.img_3

There are very few hotels that allow pets. How do you find them, and are they expensive?

Some hotels’ websites mention if they’re pet-friendly or not. Otherwise, you can simply call the preferred hotel and take the permission. Many hotels around India oblige the pet parents. I can see how the hospitality culture is taking a shift in India. In our case, we never had to pay extra for Tubby’s stay.traveling with dog

Most hotels that allow pets don’t specifically keep dog food. However, you can always place an order for chapattis, rice, milk, curd, eggs and boiled vegetables from their menu. If your dog is fond of chicken, you can carry a few packs of frozen meat, though.

Do you carry Tubby’s favorite toys?

Always. His favorite ones must accompany us every time we pack our suitcases. Tubby’s bag is mostly full of his toys, food, bowls, and towels, you know, just in case!

collage_6 (1)

I now have some very-very important questions for Tubby. So tell me, Tubby baby, which is your favorite destination?

Ladakh was ‘difurrent.’ I can still smell that fresh air, sometimes.img_1

Are you allowed to eat local delicacies when you’re exploring a new destination?

For me, it is ‘impawssible’ to resist human food. The dal tadkas…ummm…*licks the already wet nose* Daddy is the sweetest because he always shares his momos with me, without telling anyone.collage_3

Do you have special instructions for your family regarding what should go in your suitcase?

Biscuits, sticks and my clothes according to the place we’re going to. I can’t take any chance for the vacation to not be ‘pawfect.’

Did you ever fall in love while on the roll?

The Ladakhi bitches are my favorite! *drools*

Okay, and do you make new friends everywhere you go?

I have my ‘claws and conditions’ and I’m choosy.

I don’t think you’re. You look quite friendly.



Aww, isn’t Tubby’s life an inspiration?

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