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Meet Palak Bapna: The Off-Duty Goddess Lakshmi Who Prepares For CAT Exam

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  •  October 27, 2016


What is the first thing that pops in your head when I say the word ‘Lakshmi’? 

Did you just visualize a gorgeous graceful woman decked up in a hefty outfit and sparkling jewelry sitting with poise on top of a lotus? Yes, that’s our dear Goddess Lakshmi. We’ve all grown up praying and praising this form of hers.

But have you ever wondered what she must be like before she comes to sit on the lotus? I mean, I know Lakshmi is a Goddess, but hey, she’s a woman too! And we women are known to be like the browser with 3589 tabs open and running simultaneously.

So, what are the insides of Lakshmi’s mind like? (A math zoo.) What is it that she does before attending to us followers? (Cribs and studies for CAT exam.) Let our campaign – Lakshmi Off-Duty in collaboration with Nayaab Jewels, Ritu Kumar Couture, and Sizzlin Scissors, show you through the life of a 21-year old Lakshmi: Palak Bapna.

This version of the goddess is a firm believer of early to bed and early to rise. NOT. Her CAT coaching classes make her get up at the early hour which is otherwise reserved for the infants and the elderly.


Our escapades began at 6:30 in the morning when we found our Lakshmi pleasantly dozing with what seemed to me a mischievous smile.

God! Errr, Goddess! Your hibernation vibes are contagious! Even I want to sleep now! *Yawns*


After some 6 odd minutes, when we were almost on the verge of singing ‘Jai Lakshmi Mata’ to wake her, she finally woke up. *Breathed a breath of relief!*

She brushed after sleeping…


… and slept while brushing.5

Psst! Ever imagined Goddess Lakshmi having a tattoo? Irrespective of your yes or no, here’s a modern Lakshmi with a tattoo! #GoddessGotTheSwag

Owing partly to her inherent laziness and partly to running out of time, Palak postponed her bath.


But one look at her and you can’t make that out! See? Even Lakshmi ji steps out without bath sometimes! Not that big a deal!


Getting late has become a part of Palak’s routine, and so has hopping and running in hurry.


It was amusing to watch her gulp down milk and adorn her footwear simultaneously and that too at freight train speed.

I was almost able to hear the horn in my mind. I swear!


Next, she got into her car, and when I thought she would speed her way to her class, she took out her phone to post a Snapchat story.

Goddess be like: Late, but mandatory morning selfie!

Well, fair point well made, Lakshmi ji. Selfie toh banti hai. Period.


She drives to the destination while grooving to the tunes of Maroon 5. And the sun rays seep through her wavy locks making her look heavenly. Well, she is heavenly today. She is Lakshmi.

The sincerity with which she solved the questions and took the teacher’s notes could outshine even the Earth’s sincerity of revolving around the sun. She’s turned up for a doubt-class when otherwise there is an off.


The fear of CAT exams can put even Goddess Lakshmi into the anxiety mode! See? She’s no different from us homo sapiens!


But it is a well-known fact that anxiety leads to hunger. And again, Goddess Lakshmi is no exemption to the rule.


And, just like almost everyone on the planet, even Goddess Lakshmi loves maggi. I hope this divine intervention will lead to the upliftment of the maggi ban. #KeepingMyFingersCrossed


I made full use of the opportunity in hand and did what our generation loves to do – clicking selfies. After all, how often is it that you get to pose with a goddess?


We headed back with our stalker’s eye aka camera lens to Palak’s home and found her all fresh and bathed sipping green tea and reading the newspaper. Of course, she has to stay updated on the happenings of the world. How else will she exercise her discretion when she sits on the lotus later?

And after hearing the world’s issues, she went to her study desk to address her own issues, with the forthcoming exams.


Events in the order of their happening: Studying dedicatedly, Rising up of frustration and itching, Banging head on the desk, and then just Being bored.

We, like the knights in shining armor, emerged in the room to rescue our nerdy goddess from the palace of books,


… and took her to Ritu Kumar’s Jaipur store to transform her into the deity avatar of which the people of earth are used to.

And need we say that the diligent women from Sizzlin Scissors did a mighty fine job? Our Lakshmi ji loved the two women in red for transforming her so beautifully.



Palak was excited! And so were we! But, little did Palak know what was coming her way next.


These gorgeous glittering beauties from Nayaab Jewels! Aren’t they drop-dead beautiful?


I had to fetch my sunglasses when the Nayaab box was opened. Seriously.


Our Lakshmi aka Palak was overwhelmed and ecstatic to be adorning Ritu Kumar’s Couture which was oh-so-chic.


Don’t be mistaken by Palak’s straight-line expression here! She was only being all still and cautious while adorning her crown.


Look at her bold sophisticated stance! At this moment, I could swear Goddess Lakshmi was in her, for real.

Behold! As we present to you our modern 21-year old version of Goddess Lakshmi. Tada!




But let me also tell you, that these poses weren’t so effortless. Here’s what happened #BehindTheScenes.


And finally, Goddess Lakshmi took her poised stance on the lotus. Except that she’s a modern version who likes to pout. Except that she’s as bold as she’s beautiful. Except that she likes to sprinkle her magical pixie dust on everything around her.


This is what Lakshmi is like when she is off-duty, away from her lotus.

There is a goddess within every woman, and there is a woman within every goddess. This Diwali, let’s see through deeper and praise the divine traits of the women in our life. Shall we?

Picture Courtesy: Pallav Bhargava

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