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Meet Frida The Labrador Who Is Rescuing The Earthquake Victims In Mexico

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  •  September 23, 2017


I am so happy to report the success story of my Mexican sister, Frida, a golden Labrador!

Meet Frida who, along with her canine colleagues – Evil and Echo, is helping the Mexican people stuck in the debris after a deadly earthquake hit central Mexico a couple of days ago. Frida’s work involves sniffing out the survivors of this natural disaster.

Frida the rescue dog

So far, she has rescued more than 52 people. This includes saving the lives of 11 children at the Enrique Rebsamen school. Pawsome, girl!

Frida the rescue dog

Frida is a part of the Mexican Navy’s canine unit and is one of the most important elements of the 15-member rescue team of canines.

The seven-year-old rescue dog is already an online sensation and people are continuously tweeting about her bravery. I like her uniform and the doggles (dog-goggles) that she’s wearing on this important mission. You go, girl! *Bow-bow*

Her handler Salinas explained that service dogs are selected when they are two months old. They are trained three hours a day to search for people by playing fetch with toys. Then the trainer starts running with the toy in hand. “They start associating the smell of the person with the reward of the ball,” he said.

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