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Meet Flight Attendant Radhika Ahire, Who Ended A Fire And Saved Many Lives

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  •  February 8, 2019

Becoming a flight attendant is one of the jobs that a lot of graduates dream to have, because of the charm it holds of being able to travel around the world, be impeccably groomed and of course as it is a lucrative job. However, with all the glam comes a great deal of responsibility and rigorous training, so that one can handle any sort of situation on board to ensure the safety of the passengers, crew, and pilot.

On November 7 in Mumbai, this training was put to perfect use not on board but at a ninth-floor apartment when Radhika Ahire, a 25-year-old flight attendant with Jet Airways, saved the lives of her neighbours by putting off a fire in the building next door.

“I was home and there was a puja going on that day. Suddenly everyone at home heard a lot of screaming and commotion. We saw that from the apartment complex opposite mine, a fire was billowing from the ninth floor,” said Radhika Ahire.

Along with her brother and a neighbour, Ahire ran up to the ninth floor and managed to douse the fire before the firemen arrived. Recalling the incident, she said, “A neighbour, Mahesh Belapulkar, who deals with fire-fighting equipment, came just in time with the tools he had at home. So armed with those and nine fire extinguishers we took from our apartment complex, we ran up to the ninth floor. Given the critical situation, we broke down the door and started dousing the fire which had spread so much that despite emptying out the extinguishers we still had to use water. I had to cover my face with a piece of cloth as the fumes were causing a lot of irritation to my eyes and nose.”

Ahire credits her success to the hands-on training that she underwent, and talking about it she said, “While I have been part of several training sessions, standing in front of such an inferno was indeed scary until my training kicked in, allowing me to think clearly.”

This Republic Day, Ahire was facilitated by the residents of her building complex for her courage and we salute this badass woman who stands as a true example of humanity.

H/T: The Better India

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