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This Matrimonial Website By Vivek Will Connect Souls Suffering From Chronic Diseases

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  •  February 14, 2017

The grief of losing his son in 2014, made Vivek Sharma wanting to do something for people suffering from chronic illnesses.

In our society, we look at people suffering from chronic diseases with pity but do we ever take a moment and think that our love is what might heal them?

As a result of our behavior, there is no way a person who is or has gone through the ordeal can find a place where he can have a real conversation with people without having to answer intruding questions about his medical condition.

It was this thought which propelled Vivek to find Divine Relations, a matrimony website for only those who have suffered or are currently undergoing treatment for some chronic disease.



The website is especially beneficial for all those people who in spite of being completely cured, are almost ostracized by the society because of the fact that the disease has left scars on their faces.

Like most other matrimonial websites, one has to submit his identity proof and after that can see profiles of the people registered with the website who are searching for a life partner.

A unique initiative, Divine Relations is a necessity in today’s world which was long due.

The initiative will also help to take all the prejudices head on which hinder the lives of people suffering from chronic diseases to mingle freely, just like any other person.

The website was launched on November 4 which was also the birthday of Vivek’s son, Amogh. We can certainly hope that this website will pave the way for many love stories and will help many to leave their past behind and look for a fresh start.

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