Wednesday, September 27 2023, 11:38:58
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A society so often suppresses women who have gone through tough times. Rather than supporting such women, they only add to their sorrow by implementing staunch rules & customs on them. This Women’s Day let us challenge these rules. Let us help someone live the life she deserves.

We want to see each woman happy no matter what her past or present is. We are playing Fairy Godmother to those women who seriously need a makeover which is inclined to help them come out of their sorrow & harsh past. This makeover will include – Beauty, Home interiors, Career & Emotional Counseling by respective professionals.

Who are eligible? An Indian woman who:
1. Maybe a widow and she have a succumb living because of societal norms – not allowing her to get back to a normal life even after so many years.
2. Maybe a woman who has gone through or going through a life-threatening disease and is seeking a beautiful life in herself.
3. Maybe a woman who because of society/culture/religion wasn’t able to live up to her dream.

If you know any such woman whom you think to want to change her life, send us her name & details at We will approach her for sure!

Team Indian Women Blog will be there covering the complete makeover and the shoot will be done by our professional Photographer Vinod Singh Gusain. So good luck, we hope to receive few genuine recommendations!

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