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MAKE OVER TEASER: Keep your head & heels high!

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  •  April 7, 2014

Makeover of our beautiful heroine has almost reached its end. She is looking prettier than ever and more confident about the life she is living. Let us see what the 4th day of ‘Makeover’ campaign has in store for us.

This day Seema Agarwal was supposed to meet our Fashion Designer Pallavi Jaipur who has done her fashion makeover. Pallavi showed her the selected 3 costumes that were now ready after all the fittings.


Later, the ladies headed towards our Shoe Partner – Stella Toes – where Pallavi would help Seema get her matching shoes for all 3 styles. This shoe hub is located in City Pulse Mall in the heart of Jaipur city, at Narayan Singh Circle.


The Owner of Stella Toes, Mr. Prakash, a 40 something, is a soft-spoken, ground to earth person. He invited our team and the ladies to his showroom with much warmth and smile. Read a brief below: 

Pallavi pointed towards the shoe racks where western styles foot wears were displayed.


Pallavi: Please, show those red heels.

Seema: Yeah, they look gorgeous.

Pallavi: I knew you will like them. (Smiles with confidence)

Seema: They are for me? I don’t wear heels, such high heels! Moreover, they look too provocative and I think will give a negative impression to people around. Buy them for you.

Pallavi: Paint them all red! It’s time to change the perception. Remember, this is the whole idea of this makeover. Let’s not live by their rules. You have already proved them wrong once by taking charge of your daughters. Time for 2nd innings! Now come’ on, try them! 


Pallavi finally made Seema try those red high heels. She flicked, tapped, tick-tocked and ….we’ll wait for the final story to know what happened to our Cinderella.

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Wondering what’s all about? Read about the campaign here!

We thank Mr. Vinod Singh Gusain for catching every intimidating moment in his lenses. Visit his page to see the photography art.

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