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Lunch Break Day 6: JWB Bids Goodbye To The Exploited Intern Aashi

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  •  January 29, 2016


After a gleeful month-long escape to the humid climes, I am back to work. Yes, I sighed a bit about the second half of that sentence.

But, but, but, JWB is one such organization which never fails to weave its charm. And what took my spirits sky high and by surprise was JWB’s latest rubric: The Lunchbreak Challenge, of which I became a part for the very first time today.

This lunch was the 6th one in the series, and it was dedicated to our diligent dear (exploited) intern, Aashi. After all, it was the last day of her internship and as per the commands of our fairy godmother Ana, it had to be special.


Without any ado, our squad hit the road; some opted for the shady (and lazy) comfort of the car while some others trusted their good ol’ feet as their means of transportation.

These were, of course, our health conscious freaks: Komal, Lavanya, and Sanchit. Hmmm, some things never change, do they?


The afternoon’s escapades progressed at the open-end of Tapri’s rooftop. The wintery feel lingered in the air, the sun shone nice and bright, and we, we all basked in the warm glow of our wayward conversations over chaai.


Aaah! This is what I’ve been missing the past month, and this is what Aashi is going to miss dearly in the times to come: moments like these!

original 2.1

We talked about long bob hairstyles, discussed ways to get of Lavanya’s nail-biting habit, did a nice guesswork on the age of the Parle-G girl, and… *scratches head* I’m definitely missing something here. Nice time to betray me, memory. Nice.


We also managed to grab the attention of the neighboring people. How may you ask? Well, we had a real Hrithik Roshan clone in our gang.

IMG_8335That’s our photographer Sanchit, say hi to him! He imitates Hrithik’s dialogues and accent like no other can. Trust me.

Then, of course, came to the table the real reason of our excursion: food. See basically, we are all junglies, as Komal rightly puts it, when it comes to food.



Within seconds, okay minutes, the nachos, the grilled toast and the maggi disappeared in thin air. *Burps* Oops!


With the food in our tummies, the lunch break mission was accomplished!

Oh! It is now that I recollect. We also talked about our outbound intern Aashi’s experiences at JWB. And I quote her, “I will miss JWB so very much.”

I have a hard-copy proof of her statement, btw. Just in case, you don’t believe me.


We’ll miss you too Aashi! Just like you rewarded little girls with earring medals in your campaign, we also want to reward you with something. From now on, thy shall be the proud holder of the tag: The Girl, Who Grows Maggi Noodle Hair.

I know you’re overwhelmed, love. I know.


The But-First-Let-Me-Take-A-Selfie kind of moment.

P.S.: If you have any tips on how to curb the nail-biting habit, write to us! We’ve tried everything. Everything. But Lavanya just wouldn’t stop biting her nails. #KThanksBye

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