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Kavya Chandra’s ‘A Green Venture’ Seeks To Promote Sustainable Living

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  •  July 13, 2019


With no end in sight for adrenaline-pumping video games or the engrossing immediacy of social media, we are quite obsessed with the screens in our life. Technology has slowly taken over everything and the more we embrace its numbing comforts, the more we are drifting apart from nature.

But is there a way out of this exhaustion? Kavya Chandra, founder of A Green Venture is currently working in the sphere of organic farms, environment, and gardening. Smitten by the bounty of nature, she conducts educational trips, gardening workshops, and summer camps.

At a time when #environment and #environmentaljustice have become one of the most popular hashtags on India’s social media scene, Kavya talks to IWB about her organization, children’s excitement towards nature and a blueprint for a clean, green future.

Here are the excerpts:

Children have their own set of questions, filled with zeal and excitement. How do your educational trips to the farm go?

Children are very curious about where we are going, what we are going to do. But today’s children have very little exposure to nature and that’s where A Green Venture steps in. Through the cool early morning farm trails, we acquaint them with the diverse trees that house the fauna. We get in touch with the basics of organic farming and make them understand nature in its original form. We also tell children about various types of creatures. To make it more interactive, we form small groups and ask them to add manure to the soil, sow the plants, find the bugs, etc.

They always want to take more than one tractor ride. They want to climb the banyan trees or just want to be around it. The kids turn into happy tree huggers and climbers. They ask about honeybees and playfully pick the insects and play with them. It makes them excited. Well, yes, children ask a lot of questions. (laughs)

Are they conscious of the environment?

Children are always captivated with nature. Through the engaging activities like pottery, preparing beds with mud and plucking fresh fruits they learn about the ABC of natural farming. We make them touch, taste, and observe nature. They try and identify the sound of the birds. It makes them excited and aware of nature.

Our summer camps make the kids into happy tree huggers and climbers😍! Tree climbing is an excellent Gross motor activity for physical development. Plus, it inculcates a sense of belonging towards the trees. Chiguru Farm’s 100 yrs old Banyan tree with with sturdy branches and roots make it a magnet for kids and adults alike. Trees are not just our lungs and life givers but natural gymnasiums too! The kids at the camp experience it an immersive way! Let your kids sign up for the summer camp happening next week 🌱🍃 Highlights: 3 nights and 4 days of learning, DIY, working on the field, prepare grow beds, learning the synergy of honeybees, wasps, insects in pollination and mutual beneficial relationships with trees. Activities: pottery/ claymodelling, tractor ride, indoor games, star gazing, bonfire, trekking, birdwatching Farm fresh meals all three times and accommodation and transportation taken care of. Pick and drop from a common point in South Bangalore (Exact point TBA closer to the date) Limited seats: first come first basis serve. Please book in advance. For registrations contact Kavya @ 9886400312 #SummerCamp #FarmFun #RawNature #AGVSummerCamp #KidsWhoGrow #BioDiversity Events Page: Website:

12 Likes, 0 Comments – A Green Venture ( on Instagram: “Our summer camps make the kids into happy tree huggers and climbers😍! Tree climbing is an excellent…”

Nowadays, the majority of children prefers to stay inside and play video games. What role can the parents play in such cases?

Nature-Deficit disorder can be observed in today’s generation. It is the idea that human beings, especially children, are spending less time outdoors, and the belief that this change results in a wide range of behavioral problems. In most of the cases, children with high energy level and excitement push their parents’ buttons to take them outside. But parents don’t seem really interested in being outdoors, which results in discouraging children to go outdoors. Zero outdoor activities can be observed like a walk to the park or visiting a nearby lake. They should take out some time for fun and educational trips like going for a farm visit or understanding the types of trees in our city.

It’s important for social mental cognitive wellbeing to be in an open or green space on a regular basis. It provides mental peace to both the parents and children. We encourage the parents to step out of their homes and look around for park or a natural space close to their homes which they can visit. Most people in urban cities do not realize the importance of peace provided by natural spaces. Once parents take the initiative, it automatically gets passed on to their children.

What can be included in the school curriculum to make the children aware of agriculture in India?

Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy. It should not be looked like a poor man’s livelihood. Agriculture is something we all depend upon. Children should be taught that agriculture is a necessary sector of our society.

Along with theoretical and practical approach, schools should give importance to agriculture and farming. The school curriculum can include gardening, edible gardens, and farm visits on a regular basis. It provides an idea that how it works and what importance it holds in everyone’s life.

“If you ate today, thank a farmer” We are thrilled to host a visit to Chiguru farms to celebrate the turn of the season and the festival of colours- Holi! Experience the beauty of bio-diversity in an Organic farm and learn syncing in with the nature! Also let your taste buds savour the sweetness of authentic farm fresh food. Connect back to the roots! Things to look out for: Farming experience-from seeds, soil to harvest that you can pluck and eat, Authentic South-Indian food on a banana leaf, old but gold games like Lagori, appreciating diversity in plants, animals, insects and birds and much more!! 🌴🌺🐝🕸 Book your seats now! Date: 23rd March Timings: 9:30-3:30 Place: CHIGURU FARMS Charges: 1250/- for adults and 650/- for children EVENT PAGE: #GreenIsTheWay #OrganicFarming #AGVGardening #CelebratingHoliAtFarms #BackToTheRoots #NatureExperience #FarmFreshMeals A Green Venture 9886400312

30 Likes, 0 Comments – A Green Venture ( on Instagram: “”If you ate today, thank a farmer” We are thrilled to host a visit to Chiguru farms to celebrate…”

A certain environmental divide can be observed in urban and rural spaces. How can we bridge this gap?

Definitely, a shift is observed between urban and rural space. We need to bridge the gap. One should visit farms on a regular basis to learn about agriculture. Also, people can make good use of the urban space by growing edible plants and herbs. People should use locally sourced food because it leads to higher income per capita, meaning a stronger local economy and potentially happier consumers. These are a few ways towards sustainable living and supporting this sector on an individual basis.


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