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JWB’s Bloggers Tell You How Feeling Beautiful Improved Their Productivity

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  •  March 21, 2016


We followed the “Beautificient” challenge at work for about two weeks, and I kid you not, our creativity improved drastically. Bonus: There were heads turning, girls and boys drooling, wardrobe rummaging, and oh, it was all worth it!

I think that the experiment should continue, and we should keep failing as fashion divas/disasters!

At work, we would hold discussions about “what to wear next”. Our fashion champ, Lovy, who has secretly hidden all her clothes in a tehkhaana, was our Gyaani baba. She has the habit of clasping her hair in a bun at all times, and after a few days, when we tried a couple of hairdos on her, her loosened locks made her feel more confident.

palazzo pants with indigo dye

Lavanya’s little puppy, oops, POPPY, has something to say, too.IMG-20160321-WA0001

During this Beautificient challenge, I made sure that my mommy doesn’t dress up, and I tore her clothes off, I woofed them apart, because I’m a little furball, and everyone loves me. I also did it because I CAN!”

Ayushi tried a big deal to step out of her dark denims/leggings/clothes-in-general chakravyu, and tried florals, hot pinks and colorful scarves. Let’s not forget those ‘airy’ maxis as she called them! Hats off to you, Ayushi! Instead of a stern face, she’d now wear a smile of contentment, and the tak tak on the computer would be louder and faster than before. With one goal achieved, the only thing left would be her articles.

I felt happier, and more positive, which helped me to communicate better.”

Ayushi Agarwal Jaipur

At one point, even Jayati, who had managed to steer clear of the whole concept, put on a beautiful red dress, and we stared googly-eyed at her as she managed to cover up for all the days she didn’t dress up! Sitting on the desk and looking pretty makes you happy workwise. Also, she wishes she’d have got her pictures in advance because Sanchit ‘accidentally’ deleted the pictures from the ONE DAY she had dressed up. (Epic troll moment)

Priya tried a whole bunch of fun things to add to her regular wear, her red jacket, bangles as accessories, and her beautiful wavy hair styled up many ways.

In her words, dressing up made her “feel like a blogger of an elite blog”.


I, for once, got a chance to rediscover myself! I didn’t wear denims for 2 weeks! It was for me what suits are for Barney Stinson! But, hey, I think I did fairly well. I tried layering, crop tops, fell in love with myself, and loved heads turning around, for a change!


Lady Boss Ana had a great time going back in the eighties; we ask her how it was in that ‘tinsel town’! High waist pants, crop tops, pretty polka dots and prints made us drool over our lady Boss every single day.

She said, “Everything was magical! Even walking from desk to desk, my dress would float. The best part was to get compliments from my husband. It encouraged me to discover myself.”

Thanks, Ana. It turns out our campaign Beautificient did help us in rediscovering our ‘femininity’.

The vibe managed to spread outside the room and infected our Social Media Manager, Anvita and Marketing Manager, Anchal.

Anchal dug out her Palazzos from her wardrobe, and I definitely was noticing her more than usual (ahem).

palazzo pants with kurta

Anvita, on the other hand, fell in love with florals, skirts, wide-legged palazzos. Have a look, yourself.

short palazzo pants

Maybe you should try it in your office, women? Make sure, though, that you convince your boss, or get kicked out, but try on some good clothes. Because it will be worth it. Feeling the confidence of walking into your office and working gives us that extra push of efficiency that we had been lacking, it makes us Beautificient. And after our successful campaigns with Jewels of Jaipur and the women of Kotak Mahindra Bank and Skoda, we can’t see why you shouldn’t try it!

Sanchit Sethi

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