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JWB Girls Reminisce Over School Days On Day 4 of Lunch Challenge

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  •  January 18, 2016


Today, the JWB girls relived their school recess days. We carried our lunch boxes to Lilypool, the sports ground of SMS School. It was decided on Saturday for it to be a potluck lunch on Monday. But being the lazy bums, no one cooked anything… EXCEPT ME!


I, being the obedient newbie prepared pasta that was hogged on by everyone before the Lunch Activity. Lavanya went…

tv food drinking alcohol delicious

At Lilypool, Sitting under a tree, just like school times, we hastily gulped our food down, for we were eager to play games.

IMG_4827 IMG_4848

Ruchika and Komal etched lines of the classic game, Stapu (Hopscotch) and Aashi rambled about her Ajmer rules to play.


You have to hit the ground with both feet simultaneously.”

“The rock has to be thrown from a defined distance.”

“Blah, blah”. After a point, we weren’t even listening.

To decide the sequence, we called for ‘pugaai’ .


Komal began like a pro, but Ruchika was our hopping rabbit. I, the underdog, and Aashi, the out of luck child.





After half an hour or so finally our rabbit won the race.



But we all had our high times. *in the air* Literally!

flying girls

We then played ‘Black Fool’. One of us clapped five times, and others had to move forward in our direction and turn into “statue” once the claps stopped.

The seeker would disqualify the player who moved. Aashi and I were disqualified every time. Dammit!

Me trying to get Komal to break her into gags

Me trying to get Komal to break into gags

It was so much fun: we cheered, laughed, clapped, cheated and mocked each other, just like school times.



Our old muscles can still move.

‘Pugaai’  has stopped more wars than we know.

Those carefree days may be over, we may have grown up, but there’s still the chirpy child that shall remain with us forever.

Photo Courtesy: Sanchit Sethi

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