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Janet Vella Is Helping Women With An Outer Layer Of Strong And Inner Layer Of Broken

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  •  July 3, 2019

Sometimes in life, we hit a precipice. “The rock bottom,” as Janet Vella calls it. Take it as you may but these are actually the defining moments of our life. They make us or break us, establishing what we are made of, who we truly are. If you are one of those who has made through such testing times then you’d know the better of it. You’d know that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, which many have seen but very few have fathomed.

Janet is one such individual, who rose from the ashes, stronger and better, empowered with the ability to heel those battered by the battles of life and its trials.

For Janet, the journey to the self started with the birth of her son. “Pregnancy literally broke my body. I lost my dance career and also my mind. I was going nowhere as a person. I completely took it on myself,” Janet tells me. It was indeed a trying time in her life. The doctors were there but not really there.

But her soul found a way around. She knew that she had to somehow heal her body. “I dunno how it happened; something inside me kept saying yoga, yoga. Yoga just knocked at my door,” she says.

“It is like even if you get just a second of serenity and light through yoga, amidst 10 hours of darkness in a day, that does it for you. That one second of light calls you back and you want to have more of it,” she shares.

The realization was a beginning of an odyssey, through which she unraveled various facets of yoga.

The Sacred Goddess Pose Aligning the Root, the Centre and the Upper Crown🕉

54 Likes, 7 Comments – Janet Vella (@janet_vella) on Instagram: “The Sacred Goddess Pose Aligning the Root, the Centre and the Upper Crown🕉”

Physical transformation, however, was just the stepping stone of an arduous albeit fruitful journey. “I’d be very honest with you. Yoga helps a lot but there is so much more that went into it,” Janet says.

Once she had fathomed the physical aspect, it was time for her to go deeper and explore the spiritual side of healing. It was a time when life was presenting her with a lot of storms. Emotionally, everything was falling apart, right from her relationships to her self-respect.

Janet realised that although she had already embarked on the journey of physical rehabilitation, it would never yield optimum results if she didn’t approach it both physically as well as mentally.

“I realized that body responds to the mind. I started to get that it was like a ping-pong effect” she says. “Once I got hold of how my mind was disturbing me, I found the serenity of holding my poses for long.”

Look nowhere else but inside you…. 🕉

92 Likes, 11 Comments – Janet Vella (@janet_vella) on Instagram: “Look nowhere else but inside you…. 🕉”

With yoga or any sort of physical moment, the fact remains that, while the ease doesn’t come naturally, it certainly develops naturally. It takes a certain amount of resilience to stick to a practice to make it grow on you and once you achieve it, your strength takes the lead, persistently guiding you to be better and stronger.

Janet says, “In the beginning, I used to be like Oh no I have to practice. Now it is like taking a shower, I can’t go through the day without it.”

With spiritual and physical strength Janet also realized that the love that she was seeking, she had to give it to herself. “I wondered where I was as a woman. I discovered that it was because of my own bullshit that I lost the inability to seek gain self-worth. I realize that I needed to go a little deeper to approach and strengthen my feminine aspect.”

Her time in India and encounter with the right people and the right guidance further made her realize that her woman was getting compromised and thrashed. She shares, “I was in the habit of settling for less and accepting whatever came my way, as long as the void was fulfilled. I found a need to know myself on a deep and more intimate level.”

Hang on in there ♥

56 Likes, 4 Comments – Janet Vella (@janet_vella) on Instagram: “Hang on in there ♥”

Janet sure found a way to reclaim her self-worth. She shares, “I reconstructed yoga to suit me as a female.” She customized the practice to develop both the dynamic and passive aspects, the “yin and yang of it.”

She also cultivated many self-love rituals to soothe the invisible aspects within her body. For instance,  she started taking an hour-long bath instead of a five-minute shower. She also discovered the power of the touch in being intimate with oneself.

Janet believes that being intimate with oneself is integral to a person’s well being. She says, “It is very important to be intimate with yourself, be it how you take bath, or buy underwear or massage your body.”

She also chanced upon the magic of being insular along her pursuit of self-love. “Being insular, being silent, being alone for certain minutes in a day” became a tool to reconnect mind and body for her.

Along with all the valuable lessons that she learned along her journey, she realised that she felt the need to share the light that she has found with the ones who grapple with the darkness.

When events challenge your existence and you are called to remain calm and unaffected🌸 when you know the only way to get through it is to pay attention to that moment and sit through it🌸when breathe enters your system giving you the much needed serenity and propels its way out taking with it all the toxins in and around🌸 you then really confirm that your practise and avid belief in it will help you though any situation🌸 Namaste🕉 . . . . . . #spirit #spiritual #spiritjunkie #breath #unknown #storms #lifechallenge #cosmic #universaltiming #universe #answers #fate #faith #belief #justknow #lifesplans #yoganomad #instayoga #instafollow #followme #youareunique #practiceandalliscoming #patanjali #patabijois

34 Likes, 7 Comments – Janet Vella (@janet_vella) on Instagram: “When events challenge your existence and you are called to remain calm and unaffected🌸 when you…”


Janet is a mind and body mentor and a Rapid Transformational Therapist today. She aspires to “teach women how to get back up after reaching rock bottom” and wants to help those with an “outer layer of strong and inner layer of broken.”

She is currently writing her second book, I Am Woman. Speaking about the same she shares that through the book “I am offering all the aspects that I wish I had to heel.”

It is however not always easy to help people who put up a strong exterior. Answering how she plans on approaching these women, Janet says, “Through the book, I am willing to expose my own darkness and I think the women of my tribe would feel comfortable on that note. Approaching these woman is certainly not easy but through compassion, it is not difficult either.”

Along with all the spiritual lessons, Janet had yet another revelation- she learned the power of saying ‘Fuck Off”. When I asked her about the spirituality in saying ‘Fuck Off’ she laughed as she answered, “There is a very releasing message in saying ‘Fuck It’ or ‘Fuck Off’. It means that I have tried it all and I am not trying anymore. It is a form of compassion and forgiveness for yourself. It is a big form of self-love.”

She adds, “But yes, there is a way of saying it that doesn’t damage you. Asking someone, who has hurt you, to ‘Fuck off’ on a spiritual and energetic level is so releasing. So, if ‘Fuck You’ means healing, then why not, yes please!”

Knowing when to say it and which Chakra to express it from makes all the difference. Shouting it out from the Throat area is damaging to your health so avoid it Centring yourself in your power and letting it out with that solid energy is a fabulous way of getting rid of someone or something And…. For the final drum roll and the most effective practise, you dont even need to do this in person. Energetically conversing with that person who is destructive can be more of a healer than actual confrontation #crazysexyspirituality #crazysexylovenotes #chakratalk

7 Likes, 2 Comments – Janet Vella (@janet_vella) on Instagram: “Knowing when to say it and which Chakra to express it from makes all the difference. Shouting it…”


First published on Jul 10, 2018.

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