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IWB’s 6th Feminist Rhyme Is About Gender-Neutral Compliments We Should Give To Our Girls

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  •  March 3, 2018

If we look back at our school days, we’ll realize that growing up we were subjected to an enormous amount of casual sexism which was present in the most innocuous forms.

While the boys in our textbooks were shown as strong, hard-working people, girls, on the other hand, were the sweet ones, quietly taking care of household chores. Since what we’re taught in our childhood has a huge impact on the kind of person we come as an adult, we decided to do something for kids this year.

This National Girl Child Day, we announced our collaboration with activist and writer Kamla Bhasin to release our own “Feminist Rhymes,” which might help kids to learn better and believe in their dreams regardless of their gender. This series, which aims at promoting gender equality and confidence in girl children, will feature three creations of Kamla from her book “Housework Is Everyone’s Work” and three of IWB‘s own Feminist Rhymes.

We’re here with our next rhyme, Girl in the Mirror, which talks about the gender-neutral compliments that we need to give our girls. From a very young age, they don’t need to be told how pretty they are as much as they should be told how smart, brave, and curious they are.

Here’s the rhyme. Hope you and your child enjoy it!

Girl In The Mirror

Aimed at promoting #genderjust views in all and confidence in #girlchild, we are releasing the 6th rhyme today: ‘Girl In The Mirror’. Check the complete collection of rhymes on our YouTube channel here: On #NationalGirlChildWeek, we dug deeper into our childhood memories only to find traces of casual #sexism present in the most bittersweet forms. Surprised?

You can listen to the other four rhymes on our YouTube channel.

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