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Ipsita Dasgupta, President Of Star India And Mother Of Two, On How Women Can Balance Career And Work

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  •  February 27, 2019

“Things need to challenge you. It needs to be fun. Work has never felt like work for me. If it begins to, I lose motivation,” said Ipsita Dasgupta, who leads Star’s Pro Kabbadi League’s business as well as Hotstar (ex-India). Known as a media powerhouse, she is a mother to two daughters and believes that unless women take up the forefront, there is no changing the sexist system that decides for a woman.

Admitting that it becomes challenging to balance a career being a mother, she shared that it is a fact that women are leaving their jobs to prioritize their families.

“The single biggest thing I tell women is that the longer we stay at home and prioritize our families, the longer all major decisions and public institutions will be driven by men. Abortion laws, marriage laws, divorce laws—everything will be decided by a room of men. That’s the scariest thing. Use this fact to inspire you to make an impact outside the home,” she said.

“On a more practical level, know exactly what you want and then prioritise according to it. Women need networks more than men do, to manage both work and family, so build meaningful relationships at work, and personally, so you get the help you need when you need it (it really does take a village). And be deliberate with your time, even if it’s just downtime in front of the television—plan for it,” she added.

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