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IIT Prof. Charu Monga Designs Jugnu School Bag With Solar Panel To Safeguard Mountain Kids

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  •  May 19, 2018

As a Pahadi, I have often been to roads that are raw, not made of tar-coal and are so narrow, no vehicle can pass through them. The locals are left with no other option but walking through the jungles and unlighted muddy lanes to commute from one place to another. Sounds risky?

Not only this, the kids of those remote villages have to walk miles every morning and evening to reach their schools. Worried particularly for their safety, an IIT professor from Guwahati has recently came up with an innovation that ensures the security of the little ones while they travel on their foot after the sun sets.

Prof. Charu Monga from the Department of Design, Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, has designed a school bag called Jugnu which is integrated with solar panels that store light and work as LED lights at night. This low-cost product, she claims, is useful for kids living in the unelectrified parts of the nation, especially at high-altitudes.

She tweeted about her innovation by explaining, “’Jungu’ low cost solar bag for kids living in the non electrified parts of India. Kids in hilly terrain travel through high altitude areas and experience dangerous roads to get back home in time to complete their homework before sunset. This little one is all excited with ‘Jugnu.’”

The revolutionary bag is charged through a solar battery, which is fixed on the bag itself.

When someone asked her if the bag is heavy because of the installed device, Charu replied, “It’s a well crafted modular design, also light can be detached and can be used in other places.”

Talking about her inspiration, Charu said, “This bag is devoted to all the children’s, respected Indian soldiers, local women & men, travellers who climb the mountains region and all the common people who live in hilly terrain.”

What do you think about Jugnu? Let me know in the comment section!

(Inputs taken from The Better India)

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