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If You’ve Made Up Your Mind To Bring Home A Puppy, ‘Gulab’ Is Up For Adoption

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  •  April 28, 2017


As a dog-mother, I think bringing home a dog is the best decision I’ve ever made. My life is beautiful, and I no more feel like giving up.

This four-month-old, baby Gulab is looking for a home. The stray was abandoned on the Agra highway to die. Fortunately, a nearby hotel spotted her and immediately took care of the situation. “The chances of her dying from the heat or being crushed under speedy vehicles were high. One of our team members spotted her while on his way to work. We noticed that the baby was extremely thirsty and could barely open her eyes,” told the hotel adoption

After feeding her some food and cold water, the staff handed her over to a Jaipur-based designer, Aline Roser. Currently, she is fostering Gulab and is looking for a loving family for her.

Gulab has been given a medicated bath and is fed 3-4 times a day. Since Aline already has two adopted cats at her home, keeping the puppy seems a little difficult for adoption

Aline says, “Gulab is a quiet girl. When she is not playing, she likes to sit in a corner and observe us. But when she plays, her energy level soars up. You should see her running across our rooftop garden with the kids. She chases them while her small ears fly in the air. She looks funny yet adorable.”dog adoption

Aline’s current location is Civil Line, Jaipur. If you want to adopt Gulab, please call her at +91-8239265725. Or, contact Team IWB at 9828288876.

Aline adds, “It never is the breed, but the loyalty and the love that a dog showers upon us. I hope Gulab finds someone who’ll love her with the same intensity.”

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