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Hoop Earrings That Are All Rage And How To Style Them

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  •  September 30, 2021

Some trends never go out of style! 

Hoop earrings for women are one of them. They are classy, trendy, and stylish all at the same time. You can add as many modern earrings for women you want to your wardrobe and let it stand out in its own unique way at all times. Don’t forget; there’s a hoop earring for every occasion. Got a cocktail party planned? A business meeting where you need to wear your best business formals? Or a wedding where you need to look picture perfect? Fret not! Because hoop earrings have got your back! 

The best part about hoop earrings is that they are a perfect balance between heavy and sophisticated modern earrings and can be paired with many outfits to accentuate your facial features and add an aesthetic finishing touch to your look!  


The Perfect Amalgam!

Yellow, rose gold hoop earringsA perfect blend of yellow and rose gold, these modern earrings are one of the most sophisticated ones that you can add to your wardrobe. Subtle and sleek, you can pair these gold earrings with an elegant saree or a lehenga. However, when you want to keep it a little less loud, you can team it up with a simple kurta and jeans to maintain that classy yet sober appearance.


Studded With Magic!

Classic 14k Gold earrings with diamonds

Add these unique and classy 14KT modern earrings with 16 S12 clarity diamonds of I-J colour from Mia by Tanishq to add an exceptional oomph to your look. A contemporary yet classic design, these hoop earrings are all the rage this season. Pair it with a fine cocktail dress or an elegant saree to make your outfit gleam with beauty. 

So get them and spruce up your wardrobe and make a style statement at all the parties you attend!


Let Elegance Be Your New Style Game!

Diamond hoop earrings

Sophisticated and highly graceful, these white and rose gold earrings are for the women who settle for nothing less than the best. With a unique modish design, this hoop earring is a fine piece of art that makes everyone awestruck by its charm and elegance. Ideal for your workwear wardrobe, these hoop earrings can become your all-time favorite in no time!


For The Love Of Nature!

Golden hoop earrings

For all nature lovers, this exquisite hoop earring with a unique leaf design is a perfect accessory. Embellish your outfit with these intricate gold earrings that are all about the details. Subtle and easy to style, these modern earrings are one of our personal favorites. Mix and match or style them with a plain gold chain to make a minimalistic style statement! 


There Is No Such Thing As Too Many Hoops!

Once you start wearing hoop earrings, there is no going back! 

Experiment as much as you want and create a style statement of your own. You can try as many modern earrings as you want before purchasing the one that speaks for your sense of style, and always remember that there is no such thing as too many earrings! 

So, if you can’t pick just one go for two, it’s no harm as gold has the highest resale value and is one of the most valuable metals that you can own. However, when shopping for modern earrings online, make sure you opt for reliable and known brands that assure you with quality products that offer great value for your money. One such brand is Mia by Tanishq. You can visit their website and browse through some of the most amazing hoop earring designs crafted especially for today’s women! 

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