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Himalaya’s Dr. C.P Shukla talks Baby Care

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  •  February 11, 2015

We have been updating you about the ‘Baby & Me’ campaign held by Himalaya Baby Care in Jaipur. New mommies met the Himalaya specialists. The event was a success. Today, we will share with you our exclusive chat with Dr. C.P Shukla, who was one of the esteemed speakers at the event. He is a Manager Pharmaceutical Div. of the Himalaya Drug Co. We spoke to him on behalf of new nursing mothers to know more on baby care.


JWB – Can you notice a shift towards preference of the Ayurvedic (herbal) products all over again?

Dr. C.P Shukla – I will give the credit to education that is becoming more nature friendly. The education helps people discover the hidden benefits of nature.

JWB – Users have many questions in their mind like if the product they are buying is clinically approved, if it is useful for the baby, etc. How do you help them clear such doubts?

JWB's Priyanka in conversation with Dr. C.P Shukla

JWB’s Priyanka in conversation with Dr. C.P Shukla

Dr. C.P Shukla – All I tell them is to believe in the power of Mother Nature that has produced the human kind and other living beings. How can it harm us? Healing through natural substances is best, and definitely almost with no side-effects.

JWB – Tell us about few basic products that every mother must have at home for baby care?

Dr. C.P Shukla – A mother is the only person who can know what her baby needs. But in case of medicines, they must consult a doctor, first. I would focus on winter essentials: provide baby’s skin with lots of moisture.


JWB – How are Himalaya products healthy for babies?

Dr. C.P Shukla – Each Himalaya product is made of natural herbals. Products here are clinically approved and quality controlled. I will not compare Himalaya with any other brand, but everyone knows natural products are less harmful to human skin as compared to chemicals. The baby’s skin is very sensitive, so it’s better to keep things natural.

JWB – Share with us the basics of the baby skin-care.

himalaya baby care gift series basket product

Dr. C.P Shukla – There are no particular timings for bathing. The only thing to note is that baby must feel light, stress free and active while you are bathing him/her.

–         Hygiene factor is one important thing to take care of. Check if the bathroom is properly ventilated and clean.

–          Avoid doing massage forcefully. Do it when the baby is in playful mood.

–         Start massage with light hand movement and finger touch without oil. After few minutes, use the baby massage oil.

–         After bathing the baby, let the skin get dried up before draping them in clothes. A wet skin is an invitation to rashes and itching.

–         Only cotton should be used for baby-clothing since they have very soft skin. Even during winters, make them wear cotton clothes under woolen.

–         Avoid using diapers every time. It might cause rashes and the baby too feels little bounded.

JWB – How efficient is the combination of the mother’s milk and Ayurvedic products for the baby?


Dr. C.P Shukla – They both are given by nature. There is nothing in this world comparable to the mother’s milk. It’s complete in itself. After 5-6 months along with mother’s milk, you can start giving semi-solids to baby for its internal growth. In a ratio of 2:1 (liquid: semi solids) for 6 months then after 10 months make this ratio as 1:1 (liquid: semi solids).

JWB – Any special advice for the baby’s mental development?


Dr. C.P Shukla – Let the baby play with colors, and other infant games. Let him/her speak imitating you. Let them see the many reactions on your face. Indulge them into lots of physical movements. Don’t keep the baby playing with the same thing for long time; they get bored very quickly with no mental growth.

JWB – Till what age a baby should sleep with the mother?

Dr. C.P Shukla – At least 6-7 years.

JWB – Any advice for working mothers on how to take care of the little ones during hush-hush hours?


Dr. C.P Shukla – Time management is what you learn when you have a small baby in the house. Giving adequate time to baby is important, and this can be done by monitoring baby’s actions closely. A mother can feel the growth of baby, she knows when the baby sleeps or is hungry. Manage your day according to the baby’s ritual. This is very crucial when the baby is very small. But at that, remember to take some time out for yourself too. A stressed mother cannot do well.

JWB – And lastly, do we have any Himalaya products for mother too?

Dr. C.P Shukla – Why not? Himalaya has many products for health, beauty and even oral care. Himalaya also makes many natural health supplements which are very nourishing for women.

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