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Here’s What You Should Do If You Want Our Tap-Tap Squad To Knock Your Door This Earth Day

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  •  April 20, 2017


Have you ever tap-danced? Not the one involving your feet, no sir!

Team IWB is out on a Tap-dance mission. Psst, the mission involves making the tap dance as per our wishes with the help of a charm! Gradually, we’ll take over all the taps in the world, and make them dance.
Mwahaahaa. Teehhheehehe

Okay, never mind.

Every time we twist our taps open, we realize how much water we waste, right? But to be fair, we’re not always conscious of it. And, that’s why tap-dance was invented by the Tap Tap Squad.

Forming a squad to save water was not an easy task, but it took us days of digging out old dungarees! Despite all that, we still managed to look fabulous. *smirk*

So yes, pipes were brought, vacuum pumps were used, a hammer here, a bit of screwing there, and then, we became the Tap Tap Squad. I even wrote a song about it which can be a lullaby to you at night.

The final ingredient of the Tap Tap Squad comes from Eco365. The brand has given us the magical charm that I talked about. The Eco365 devices enable the taps to reduce the pressure of the water, which in turn, is raising the levels of water conservation in our country.img_1

Well, don’t worry! The plumbers of IWB are here. Let me introduce you to the Tap Tap Squad!

Lady Boss Ana

The lady boss is determined to get into the depth of who opened the chamber of secrets. And so, she’s trying to read between the walls. If you know what I mean!1

Looking all badass and questioning all of us, this one is leading water wasters into the chamber.8


Proud of her profession, this one always has a piece of pipe-jewelry on. She knows how to fix the Eco365 taps as well as the water-wasters.11

When she’s walking towards you, you might assume how she manages to pull off the perfect look between knowing-it-all and teach-me-what-you-got, but trust me, she doesn’t have to faucet.12


It just gets more glamorous, doesn’t it? Newbie, Ragini knows all the twists and turns of water conservation. She’s also the wisest of us all. You know, if a faucet breaks open, she just treats it like a water sprinkler.17 20

Kya yahi to uski calmness ka raaz nahin hai?23

Anyhoo, our Tap Tap Squad is geared up and ready. We’re raiding homes that don’t have a controlled pressure flow, and we got our eyes on you.33

If you’d like to get an Eco365 tap fitted in your home, call us, and we’ll with our fancy equipment fix it for you. First 25 people to WhatsApp “Visit me, Tap Tap Squad” to us on +919828288876, will get a pressure controller Eco365 device for free.

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