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Here’s How Jaipur Women Reacted To The New Sanitary Napkin Bag!

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  •  March 8, 2016


Happy International Women’s Day, dear ladies!

Let us take a minute to cherish the greatest gift that God has bestowed upon us women – our womanhood! And on that note, let us pledge to adorn it as a badge of honour rather than hiding it under the suffocating blanket of stereotypes and taboos.

Our latest campaign Bloody Black Bag in collaboration with Kishor Jaipur intends to play peek-a-boo with your femininity by lifting the layer of social stigma around menstruation – a process essentially characteristic of womanhood. It aims at replacing the dingy black thelis used for covering and carrying sanitary napkins with colorful bags.

Here’s a quick recap of what has happened up till now:

And here comes the last and the most important activity of the campaign – tapping the reactions of Jaipur women on receiving their period buddies in the new bag.

We went once again to Rajesh Pharmacy Store, C-scheme, to conduct this sting operation. Such supportive and broad-minded people as the shop-owner Mr. Parag Khandelwal are what this society needs! Anyhoo, wait till you watch the reactions of the sanitary napkin shoppers of that day.


Say HI to Garima! Just like any regular shopper, she walked into the store. We, who were hiding behind the counter, were ecstatic when she asked the shop owner for a packet of sanitary napkins. Why is that, you may ask? Well, take note of her reactions.
1st collage

What you see in her hands is the new SHE bag! Garima was surprised to have received the packet in that bag. Just then, we peekaboo-ed her and explained her our campaign. Here’s what she said:

“It’s pretty surprising to see this bag instead of the usual black polyethene. Now that you’ve told me about the campaign, I am actually realising how black thelis hint at the presence of something fishy, something that generates suspicion.”

bloody black bag 001

After twiddling our thumbs for an hour or so, we found another sanitary napkin shopper. Meet Paridhi!

2st collage

Did you also notice her suspicion-filled eyes in the top-most box? Or is it just me reading way too much?

She said: “Usually, I send someone to buy me a sanitary napkin because I feel shy about going myself. But now that I have purchased it myself, I don’t feel awkward about it. Instead, I feel empowered about not having to depend on anyone, and not having to hide them in black polyethenes. I can literally feel the change.”

cover llnd

Next up was a familiar face! Remember Nimisha, the founder of home for artists?

4th collage

And I have to say, that our SHE bag complimented her outfit very well. And she, well she was baffled at the sight of the bag.

Here’s what she said: “Black bags are mostly used for garbage, for carrying things that are not clean, or are inferior. Sanitary napkins are also seen the same way by people, and this thought couldn’t be more wrong. They are an essential element of a woman’s vanity that shouldn’t be looked down upon.”

And then happened the ceremonial replacing of the black bag with the SHE bag.

bloody black bag 004

Our photographers Pallav and Sanchit were enjoying the campaign just as much as I was. The constant company of so many members of the female species at the office had well accustomed them to such conversations and topics. What’s more? Even they are enthusiastic about the cause and aren’t shying away from it.

Amidst one of our discussions, we noticed an elderly woman walking towards the store. After probing a little, we came to know that she hails from Canada and comes down to India once a year to escape the Canadian winters. Say hello to Roma!

5th collage

Though, she wasn’t puzzled watching our new bags. Here’s why:

“Such menstruation taboos do not exist in Canada. Theirs is an open-minded community where even the men buy sanitary napkins for women, at times! There’s not a big deal about it!”

Well, we hope to have such men in our community too. #JustSaying

bloody black bag 005

Next, we met this chirpy girl, Nikita.

3rd collage

She was surprised, but at the same frowned upon the existence of such taboos in our society. She said:

“Holding this bag gives me a very good feeling because it feels like the old orthodox conventions have been broken. It seems that we are on the brink of stepping into and whole-heartedly accepting the modern and new thought streams. I feel proud to be a girl who is contributing her teeny bit in doing away with such taboos.”

bloody black bag 003

We loved the spirit of these women! And what we loved more was the fact that our effort to bring about an essential change in the society was being received so well.

Here’s to all the taboos, and taboo-makers, go fly a kite!

And here’s to Kishori Jaipur! Thank you so much for being so cooperative and open-minded. We appreciate you wholeheartedly!

Psst! In case you want your own SHE bag, it is available at Batra Medical Store, Raja Park, Royal Medicos, Bajaj Nagar, and at Rajesh Pharmacy Store, C-Scheme. Spread the word. Spread the change.

Sanchit Sethi

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