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Here Is Your Guide To Find The Perfect Gifts For Your Loved Ones This Diwali Season

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  •  November 2, 2018

The season of Diwali is upon us and we can hardly wait to cherish all that it brings along. But as we drown ourselves in the spirit of festivities, sniffing the mirth that lingers in the air, there is a worry that constantly weighs us down i.e. the hunt for the perfect Diwali gift. I mean is it even Diwali sans hell loads of gift???

But why is finding the perfect gift such a herculean task? And why do we always end up buying the most cliched gifts on the face of the whole wide Earth which ultimately end up getting recycled, and almost never ending with the person that they were bought in the first place?

Feel the festive anxiety taking over you as you think about it all? Well, that’s the last thing we want for our readers this Diwali season and that is why we reached out to Aman Hans, co-founder of BigSmall to help you all with your gifting woes.

Of late, BigSmall has emerged out as a coveted destination for those seeking the most unique and interesting gifting options for their loved ones. “Our website and the products come with a different touch of design and element to them which stands out from the usual clichéd gifting that there is,” says Aman talking about BigSmall.

With a vast range of gifting ideas brewing in his mind and a good amount of experience in the market, Aman helped us curate a gifting guide for you all, where he talked about the gifting fads that need to be done away this Diwali, the gifting etiquette that can change the game, and also helped us with some last minute gifting idea.

Here is what he had to say: 

What do you think is that one thing that we need to change about gifting this Diwali?

Gifting should cease being just for the hack of it and just because we have to give something to someone. It has to come with a thought. Usually what happens is that we get a gift from someone and then pass it on to another person without even opening it a lot of times, and checking out what’s inside and which in the end ends in a dump yard.

Gifting has to have some sort of feeling, it has to have some sort of understanding whether what you are gifting is useful or whether it is going to be relevant for the person receiving it. So that’s what we do at BigSmall. The categorization is such that you look at something and you will instantly think of a person that it is perfect for.

What according to you are some of the gifting etiquettes that one should always keep in mind?

So, one, gifting without any feelings and without any thought to it should be a big no-no. It’s really important to have a sense of understanding. Before buying a gift for someone think whether it is going to be useful to the other person or not or whether he can use it or not. Like for instance, I don’t personally like a Harry Potter thing on my desk because I am not a Harry Potter fan, but if I was then it would just add value to my entire experience.

Adding a personal touch to the gift is also something that I think should be integral to gifting. So at BigSmall, we have the option of adding a personal note and we hand-write them so as to keep that personalised experience intact. It can set even the most basic gifts apart.

Tell me about one of your favorite gifting memories?

Okay, this was basically last year. My brother was about to get married and I curated a set of three-four different gifts for her. Like, she is a wine lover so I got her these tipsy glasses, and then there was a wine decanter, and because it was winters, and she is basically from South, so there were these plush slippers for her to use in the harsh Delhi winters. There also was a book because she likes to read and it basically contained funny jokes because that’s what my relationship with her is like, and I wrote a nice note welcoming her to the family. So I basically combined two three different things together and made a box of happiness out of them.

What are you planning to gift your family this festival season?

Mostly home decor stuff because we have decided to up our whole décor this season. So there’s stuff like wine glasses, whiskey sets and different types of home décor items which is not just going to lie around but would be rather utilized for the whole of next year.

On that note, let’s talk about BigSmall’s Diwali collection, shall we?

When we think of Diwali, we think of lights. So for Diwali, we have a vast range of lights, lamps and so on. We have curated a selection of products that stand out in terms of designs, and functionality. For instance, we have a levitating moon lamp which is very different from the usual things that you get to see. Similarly, we have mirror lamps which can also be doubled as a home décor item.

How is BigSmall striving to combat the huge amount of pollution that we create on Diwali each year?

Considering the environmental damaged caused by the hell lots of plastic and non-degradable stuff used in packaging, we have started paying special attention to our packaging. We have shifted to completely away from plastic, bubble wraps, etc. We only use paper courier bags which are recyclable and environment-friendly. It costs slightly more but in the end, we are an environmentally conscious brand and like to stand by our ethos.

Okay, sounds like you can totally help me with some last minute gifting ideas for the following people:


A boss gift set, it contains a mug and a pair of socks.


Something like a decision-maker paperweight which would help them to fasten the process or could be fake money tissues, as well.


A bedside retro lamp.


Something like a wall clock.

Nerdy cousin

A book holder.

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